Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Nazgul's unique 4-band promo CDr

Title: Untitled
Format: Hand-made package featuring colour photo, hand-written track listing inlay and silver CDr disc, wrapped and sealed in wire frame. Made in 2007 by Alex for Nazgul.
Edition: Ultra limited personal edition - 1 only

Track Listing:

01. B-Machina * Wald Aus Stein + Rost 12.59
02. Ceremony Of Innocence * The 5th Element 5.48
03. Elisabetha * Countess Bathori 4.11
04. WACH * Prophets 7.39

Lacking any inspirational titles and dosed up to the eyeballs on painkillers, Nazgul apologises for the somewhat vain-glorious title of this particular Blog. It is a unique 4-band promo without official title, though, so it's factual if not terribly modest!

However, the main thing is that this will hopefully be of interest to fans of Hugin for a number of reasons - firstly, you'll not have seen it anywhere before, so from that perspective it's worth a look. Secondly, there's some unique and interesting music on this release from what you might call four of Alex's 'lesser known' projects (compared, for example, to the ever-popular and prolific Uruk Hai and Hrossharsgrani), which is certainly not intended to infer a lessening of quality on the part of those particular bands, heaven forbid.

This lovely item - carefully bound together with wire and featuring hand-made contents - arrived in December 2007 at the same time as the equally-unique "My Favourite..." CDr of Uruk Hai music that was covered in HonourAndDarkness back on 5 June 2009. Nazgul does love these personal creations that Alex is known for - indeed, there must be almost countless demos and promo versions of Alex's work that he makes for friends around the globe, many of them one-offs or in ultra limited numbers and probably never intended to be seen as part of the formal discography of whichever band it happens to be!

That said, as this is Nazgul's Blog and as Nazgul is immensely proud to own this particular release, he's going to include it!

The interesting thing with B-Machina is - much like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates - you never quite know what you're going to get until you try it. Sometimes melodic, sometimes not, occasionally drone, noise, ambient, martial or electronica. Possibly a little of everything. 'Wald Aus Stein + Rost' (from the 2008 split CD "Weiss" with Miel Noir) plants both its feet firmly in the radioactive industrial wasteland camp of minimlalist industrial noise and portrays a bleak and degrading future for us all. Great stuff!

Ceremony Of Innocence (a project which is rapidly growing on me, and whose CDs are becoming firm favourites in the Nazgul family car on long journeys) deliver 'The 5th Element' is a shorter reworking of the 7.07 'Hydra' track from the band's "Horproben 2007" demo with a new 'xylophone' section in the middle stages. Still immense catchy and an interesting variant on the original track. Roll on the next C.O.I. full-length release.

'Countess Bathori' (sic) from Elisabetha is - as far as Nazgul can see - unique to this release, as it's not apparent on any other Elisabetha CDs or tapes that I have. It is an instrumental cover-version of the Venom classic original, and has been covered (with vocals) by Hrossharsgrani in another more recent compilation album on Sturmklang Records. Quite a light and gentle thing in instrumental form, and that catchy almost trumpet-like refrain works like a charm.

Final track on this CDr is from the enigmatic WACH, and called 'Prophets'. As with much of WACH material it's a dark and uneasy affair, with generous spoken word samples (of whom I know not, but judging from the title of the piece and the nature of the words, some end-of-the-world Nostradamus-esque prophet would seem reasonable...?) and unsettling music. Not an easy listen, but a vivid one nonetheless. Again, as far as Nazgul can see this track is not available commercially elsewhere at this time.

So there we have it - another glimpse into the dusty vaults of Castle Nazgul ... and not a pumpkin in sight ... !

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