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The Iron Stallion
Format: 3" card-shaped mini-CD released by W.A.R. Productions (Austria) in 2008, in a rust-coloured envelope sealed with a sticker on the reverse, with band sticker on the front top right. Envelope contains two band stickers, 2 magnetic cards of the album artwork, 8 postcards (reverse showing edition detail) and card CD in plastic wallet.
Edition: Unnumbered edition of 25 copies only

Track Listing:

01. The Iron Stallion 4.16

Much like the "Other Visions" mini-CD that preceded it, this is a very limited edition release from B-Machina that further develops their 'Flamenco Folk Industrial' approach to music through the ambient rhythms of Alex and the staccato flamenco strumming of Max.

The release had favourable press at the Kulturterrorismus website, where it was written:

"Messrs. Alexander & Max of B-Machina (ex Bonemachine) belong to a group of artists who bestow their supporters pretty regularly with new releases, but never turn in circles [instead producing] convincing, new and interesting topics as varied musical art. This mini CD-R in a square Carddisc format, which is entitled "The Iron Stallion", [is in] a Private Edition of 25 specimens in a rusty brown envelope + cards, magnetic cards and stickers.

They dedicate themselves to the "stallion" in times when wars [were] decided on the "warhorse" though more [commonly] experienced today in the form of iron monuments with its rider left to receive his due honor. To which great military horse is referred to specifically the protagonists have left open, probably to include all the great "steeds" that appear in historical memory, as a tribute.

The musical work of this release is performed in a 4 minute sound collage, composed of the styles of folk, ambient, and a little noise. To accentuate this attractive piece the players match samples showing how the turmoil of a horse and the "crack" a whip is used. In particular, this short work of the duo captivates with its Spanish-style guitar lines."

And it's true to say that the distinctive guitar style that Max brings to this peace does weave its own acoustic tapestries over a grim background environment.

The limitation on this release really meant it was only ever going to fall into the hands of followers and fans of the band rather than the casual customer wooed by the packaging and lure of something a little different, and as a further taster of how a full-length 'new style' B-Machina release might sound I hardly think any one of the 25 owners will be unhappy with their purchase.

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