Saturday, 14 November 2009

HROSSHARSGRANI > Blut t-shirt - signed in blood!

Item: Unique t-shirt bearing the "Blut" CDr album cover art. Rear of shirt has been numbered #1 in Hugin's own blood...!
Edition: 5 copies, only the first numbered in blood [see edit, below]

It was only recently that Nazgul was musing in this Blog about the Blut cover art being more than suitable for a striking t-shirt. Clearly this view was shared in Austria too, as shortly afterwards Alex took the trouble not only to have this one-off shirt printed up for Nazgul, but also hand-number the piece on the back of the collar in his own blood ('Blut' translating to blood, as you've doubtless already worked out!)

Just as well therefore this shirt isn't destined for mass-production, otherwise we'd all be guilty of turning Alex into a suspiciously anaemic-looking bloodless husk!

But what a gesture though - Nazgul has vague recollections that Manowar once famously signed their recording contracts in their own blood, but apart from that I can't say that losing the precious red fluid for one's art is a common activity nowadays. So kudos to my eternal brother Alex for the thought and commitment to making an already unique release more, errr, unique.

Oh - and the photo of the knife and cut Alex made to draw blood nearly made the post, but even Nazgul gets squeamish looking at it!

Clearly a shirt for special occasions only (it can't be washed, of course) it puts Nazgul in mind to conduct a poll on the Blog pages about t-shirts so far highlighted in HonourAndDarkness, so have a look at that before you sign out?!

[Edit 25/1/10: As this is such a striking shirt Alex has put in an order for a further 4 to be made, not least so he can have one for himeself, which seems reasonable enough! There are no plans to bleed the man dry to number the additional 4...!]

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