Saturday, 21 November 2009

ATLANTIDA Volume 19 [V/A]

Title: Atlantida Volume 19
Format: CDr on the Atlantida label (Lithuania), date of release unknown, no catalogue number. Compilation of 19 bands, featuring black metal, neo-folk and a variety of other genres.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing:
19 different bands features on the CD, the relevant tracks being:

01. Hrossharsgrani * Nacht Der Helden 4.21 (in a different version to that on "Schattenkrieger")
02. Elisabetha * Wurdulak 3.41

Another month, another Atlantida compilation CD to review! This one is Volume 19 in the lengthy series put out by Lithuanian label Atlantida (featuring he who must not be named, formerly of Ravenclaw - not to be confused with the other 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' - Lord Voldemort - who was, of course, in Slytherin house not Ravenclaw...)

Anyway, Nazgul digresses. What we have on this particular outing are two tracks from Hugin's bands Hrossharsgrani and Elisabetha, and both seemingly unique to this release.

The Hrossharsgrani track is an edited version of the song that ends the "Schattenkrieger" album (there called '...Krieg Entbrannte (Nacht Der Helden)' and running for an additional 25 seconds or so) and loses the battle scene from near to the end of the song whilst changing the intro to a spoken word piece over the same violin riff, though now accompanied by a bell-like tolling rather than the symphonic guitar/strings music on the full album. It certainly changes the song, and to be honest makes it more of a Hrossharsgrani track than the more polished version that appears on "Schattenkrieger". Worth a listen.

The Elisabetha track "Wurdulak" (which I gather is an expression meaning astonishment or interest) starts out with a deep spoken segment before getting to the heart of the matter with a pseudo-harpsicord playing in what sounds like an echoing old castle (hmmm, the dungeons of Castle Nazul perhaps?), spinning a tale of spiralling melody against a backdrop of unsettling sound effects. The perfect soundtrack for an assault on the coffin of Count Dracula himself!

The CD notes that this Elisabetha track is from the "Nachtmahrfahrten" CD, which is not an album Nazgul is aware of being formally issued, although somewhere in the vast paper files of Elisabetha flyers and artwork I do seem to recall mention of this for further investigation, perhaps?

One of the better Atlantida efforts in Nazgul's humble opinion, and two more songs from Alex's extensive repertoire that may have escaped wider notice.

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