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Band: Forgotten Land, with introduction (track 1) by Hugin
Title: Ancient Runic Sorcery
Format: CD pressing on the Dungeons Deep Records label (USA), catalogue reference DDR001, in 2006, and re-released in 2007.
Edition: Original pressing only 50 copies. Reissued in limited edition of 111 copies

Track Listing:
01 Introduction ("By Hugin Of Uruk-Hai") 2:21
02 Around The Fire 6:29
03 Apocalyptic Ending 5:38
04 Nearing The Stronghold, Resting At Great Oak 4:59
05 Floating Through A Cosmic Wasteland, Void Of All Life 4:25

It was back on 24 September that Nazgul relayed the story of the "Nachtkrieg" CD split between Uruk Hai and Forgotten Land, and the issues that arose with actually trying to purchase one from Dungeons Deep Records. You may recall that there was a happy ending to the tale - courtesy of a trade effected with a Discogs member called GiganticBrain, who had access to some of the Dungeons Deep releases through a healthy relationship with Lord Tetrarch.

In the trade that led to "Nachtkrieg" arriving on these fair shores was a copy of the "Ancient Runic Sorcery" CD from the original pressing of 50 that were issued in the DVD case format. This particular copy - numbered #36/50 - is the only one I've ever actually seen anywhere, so again thanks to the 'Brain for making this particular item available to Nazgul's collection.

For you see, before the split album with Lord Tetrarch (which featured the epic Uruk Hai track 'Blood of Heroes') Hugin contributed a short keyboard introduction to this Forgotten Lands CD, and as far as I know it's a track only available on this particular album. Another nugget now collected and catalogued for posterity!

Perhaps the most fitting way of describing what is in essence a short opening piece is to quote our friend the 'Brain, from his own review of the album on the Metal Archives web-site:

"The introduction (although not done by Forgotten Land) is beautiful. It’s the best ambient track I've heard since Mortiis’s “Asthma” off his album The Grudge. The 'Introduction' was done by Uruk – Hai, another ambient black metal band. It gave a good insight of what to expect of this album: Ambiance, and amazing melodies."

It's comforting for Nazgul to know that he's not the only one out there eulogising over Alex's music...

Of course, there's a pretty high likelihood that you'll never be able to find this CD in either of its pressings, and thus the track in question may well pass you by for as long as it remains unique to this release. Which would be a shame - it is indeed a splendid track, simple yet effective - haunting keyboard chords hanging in the air like mist wraiths, and over far too soon. Perhaps a future Uruk Hai rarities collection should compile this into a more accessible medium....

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