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Title: All That Was Once Lost ... We Remember It
Format: A5 colour paper sleeve (double-sided) with blue CDr disc, released jointly in 2008 by Beverina & WAR labels (Latvia/Austria). Item comes with photo card, badge and A5 label flyer backed with cover art, all in plastic wallet. Photos in inlay courtesy of A.W.
Edition: Hand-numbered (in glittery green, no less!) edition of 75 copies only

Track Listing:

01. Svarrogh * Slyne Moe, Lebe E Monata Molitva 8:02
02. Tomb Of Time * Space Of Serenity 9:45
03. B-Machina * Other Visions 2:18
04. Tscheljabinsk65 * The Demons Of Iron 6:48
05. Hrossharsgrani * Sanguis / Katharsis 6:23
06. Vinterriket * I Skogens Favn 4:08
07. Mystified * Milkfield 4:54
08. Nova Sak * Drowning While On Fire II 13:10
Uruk Hai * Ravens Empire (video clip) 3.28

This is a rather jolly compilation CD, and features artists that readers of this Blog will be familiar with from past posts together with some interesting (and unreleased) goodies from some of Hugin's projects.

The release celebrates 12 years in the underground for these two labels (1996-2008)and compiles neofolk, ambient and industrial genres into a special hand-made package. Nazgul's copy is #10 of the 75 made.

Some of these tracks have appeared on past split releases with Bonemachine and Uruk Hai and may be familiar to you that way - for example, the Svarrogh track is from the acclaimed (well, by Nazgul at least!) "Melancholie Eines Herbstes In Drei Akten" split with Uruk Hai and the Rubixx Project from 2004 (see Blog entry for 9 May 2009), whilst the Nova Sak track appeared on the wonderful split tape with Bonemachine (reviewed 23 April 2009).

Also present on the release are bands that have recorded albums with the same two of Alex's projects, notably Mystified (with Bonemachine) and the ever-wonderful Vinterriket (with Uruk Hai), although the tracks here do not come from split recordings.

From Nazgul's perspective there are three elements to this release to record for posterity on HonourAndDarkness. Firstly, the short and sweet 'Spanish-flamenco-meets-industrial-melody' from B-Machina, which was also covered in a past Blog posting on 20 August. In its original release there were but 17 of the mini-CDr discs released, so this is an excellent chance to hear it if you missed that one. Nazgul liked it back in August, and he still does in the cold light of a wet November afternoon!

Secondly, there is 'Sanguis/Katharsis' from Hrossharsgrani. Now, the inlay states that this is taken from the "Demo 1" tape of 1999 (the original WAR001 release). Clearly a bit of detective work to do here as Nazgul can't locate said track, or indeed a demo by this name, in his collection, and there are a fair few from those early days that are knocking around Castle Nazgul. Irrespective of origin, this is almost certainly a unique recording of this track on CD format so worthy of collecting! Following a gruffly spoken short introduction the track adopts a rather sinister tone, with fuzzy guitar and rumbling keyboards - it's much more like an Elisabetha demo, in actual fact, than the battle-hardened stomp of much early Hrossharsgrani. There's even a signature synth piece at about the 3:30 mark that sounds very familiar from an Elisabetha demo recently reviewed...! In terms of the development of the sound within Alex's various projects this is something of a cross-over piece, and all the more interesting for it.

Final piece of particular note on this compilation is the bonus video track, which is a previously unreleased 2006 video called 'Ravens Empire' from Uruk Hai. Keen readers of the Blog will know that a song by the same title appeared as the introduction to the similarly-titled Hugin Munin EP reviewed in the Blog at the beginning of this month. However, this is an entirely different piano-based song - very Enya in places - that accompanies black and white grainy footage of eagles (? - too big for ravens, surely?!) swooping amongst the jagged peaks of a spectacular mountain range. Shot by Hugin himself, and a very serene ending to a well thought out compilation. For fans of these genres of music Nazgul would give this an unhesitating thumbs up.

Random trivia question for you all, to finish: the tile of this compilation is "All That Was Once Lost ... We Remember It" - which Uruk Hai release bears the very similar phrase "What Was Once Lost ... We Remember It" inside its inlay.....??

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