Friday, 23 October 2009

RAVENCLAW > Promotional flyers

Item: Promotional flyers from Atlantida Productions

Fresh from Nazgul's miscellaneous file are these 4 Ravenclaw promotional flyers, destined in their day to be stuffed into envelopes and parcels issued from Atlantida HQ to be perused and discarded by customers around the globe!

Happily, for the history books, these shots show some of the "Pure Viking Art" that was being advertised for the "Where Mighty Ravens Fly" album release, representing (from top left photo downwards) what you might refer to as the 'viking with longships' design, the 'battle scene' design, the 'dragon and castle' design and the 'flag' design!

Of course, Ravenclaw as a project is now long defunct, so these little nuggets of history will have to suffice as (very) occasional updates for HonourAndDarkness fans to enjoy.

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