Saturday, 3 October 2009


Band: WACH
Title: Krachcom.pilation 1 (various artists compilation CD on Krachcom Records)
Format: CD pressed in 2008, being a collection of exclusive tracks from members of the Krachcom internet forum ( Catalogue reference krach001.
Edition: 300 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:

1 Brachial Palsy - Final Contact 5:01
2 Thorn - Drowning In Liquid Acid 5:03
3 False Mirror - The City Of Dreaming Ruins 5:39
4 Tardive Dyskinesia - Grau 4:46
5 Goat93 vs. First Order - Weltanschauung 5:01
6 13th Monkey - Monkey Bites (live) 6:46
7 Carma-E-Lyth - Perception!Again 5:28
8 Zero Degree - Zentrum 4:45
9 Plankopie - Zufälle Über Zufälle 4:06
10 Tonal Y Nagual - Poison Wasteland 2007 5:04
11 Takhtahk - Resurrection 4:13
12 WACH - Der Knabe Aus Stahl 5:14
13 (-Lup19490-) - Markante Anfahrt 4:53

There's not too much additional WACH material out there that hasn't already been covered by HonourAndDarkness, but here's one little nugget of extra WACH-ness - the exclusive track 'Der Knabe Aus Stahl' from the 2008 limited edition compilation Krachcom.pilation 1. Krachcom Records specialise in industrial /noise / ambient music, which description neatly fits the bill of this 13 track CD release.

This particular slice of aural assault from Reverend Kim and Herr Insomnia features a barrage of sound that sweeps and swoops around the listeners ears from the outset of the titanic percussion to the slightly Geiger-counter-esque finishing notes. At various points in the intervening five minutes you're under bombardment from a terrifying soundtrack that at times teeters on the point of sheer exuberant overload.

The next time you need a soundtrack to being chased through a steelworks by a manic with a chainsaw whilst large unidentified flying objects land noisily in the background, this is where you start...!

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