Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Title: Jagdschauspiel
Format: Internet-only download from the website of Smell The Stench (Australia), released on 16 October 2006, reference sts-net21. This is a rehearsal track from 2006, previously found on the three song 3"CDr "Bombardments" release. STS provided a downloadable cover for this release, as shown.
Edition: Unlimited internet download

Track Listing:

01. Jagdschauspiel 3.04

The Sabbathid Records 2006 release of "Bombardments" carried this track in the middle of the 3-song running order, and was a limited edition of only 100. As such, plenty of people most likely never heard much of it, an issue re-dressed in part by Leigh Stench/Hugin through the free downloadable version of 'Jagdschauspiel' on the inestimable Smell The Stench website. Keen followers of this Blog may also recall the earlier posting on 'Extraterrestrial Death", another free online release from the same label once again featuring Bonemachine tracks.

The content of this 1-track single is as the "Bombardments" version albeit 2 seconds shorter (at least by Nazgul's timing), so the review comments of 20 February 2009 still hold relevance for this track:

"The track starts with the traditional brass cry of a hunting horn, which is repeated throughout the song whilst interspersed with mechanical background noise and a 'chorus' of a volley of shots, squelching water/mud. Visual images of the senseless slaughter of animals and soldiers in the trenches will spring unbidden to your mind, especially as the track ends with another, sudden salvo of shots fired...."

Credit where it's due, you can't really ignore a free internet download in all conscious, so point your browser towards and seek out free download #21 for yourself!

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