Saturday, 3 October 2009

HROSSHARSGRANI > Schattenkrieger t-shirt

Title: Schattenkrieger t-shirt
Edition: Short-sleeve shirt 70 copies, long-sleeve 30 copies

Well it's been a while since we've had a t-shirt on the Blog, so here's one that Nazgul found on eBay a few years ago: the "Schattenkrieger" shirt from Hrossharsgrani. Double-sided print on black cotton, it's only a 'medium' size so your 6' 5" scribe can't actually get in it you understand, but what the heck: it's a nice shirt and Nazgul's wife would look a treat in it.

Which reminds Nazgul - look out for a forthcoming HonourAndDarkness blog world exclusive later this month, courtesy of wife of Nazgul with her very keen eye and a very sharp knife...

If anyone is able to translate the rear print, Nazgul would be most grateful:
Hier herrscht ein Grauen von alter Gestallt
Ins Dunkel hinein wo nichts wiederhallt
Fur sauron sie ziehn von der wut entbrannt
Neun an der zahl schattenkrieger genannt

Edit: within 15 minutes or so of this post being 'live', we have the following from our old friend Uglur:

"Here reigns terror of old shape
Into darkness where nothing echoes
For Sauron they march full of rage
Nine by number, called Shadow-warriors"

Nazgul thanks ye!

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