Tuesday, 27 October 2009

HonourAndDarkness Halloween Havoc!

The witching season is well and truly upon us, and the shops and buildings around Nazgul Towers are positively blossoming with cobwebs, witches hats, ghoulish masks and other signs of the festivities to come on October 31st.

One of the activities underway in the deepest dungeons of Castle Nazgul is the traditional art of pumpkin carving, a skill possessed by few and requiring a good eye and a practiced hand to execute well. Mrs Nazgul is something of a 'dab hand' at this arcane practice, and has been known to decorate pumpkins to such high standards that they've appeared in restaurants and on cruise ships, let alone in our crumbling edifice perched high overlooking the graveyard.

This year - as a special tribute to Alex - Mrs Nazgul has carved some pumpkins in the fashion of band logos from some of Alex's projects. Here, as a world exclusive *cough* are those very pumpkins lit up for your delight. And you can blame Nazgul for the somewhat fuzzy photos - well, you try taking pictures of pumpkins in the dark, with only a candle for accompaniment....

So here, to take readers of the Blog through to Halloween night itself, we have:

HROSSHARSGRANI (new logo, rating: easy!)

URUK HAI (old logo, rating: Medium!)

RAVENCLAW (standard logo, rating "****ing difficult"!!)

There's more shots of these delightful pumpkins available with a variety of coloured lights (in the case of Uruk Hai) so should you like to see them, and have Nazgul send you them for wallpaper or other uses, then drop me a line.

Oh - and you should see what Mrs Nazgul carved on the huge pumpkin that we got for the centre-piece of our Halloween display.....


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