Friday, 23 October 2009


Title: Self-titled split release with JeFF
Format: Released by Altsphere Productions (France) in both cassette tape (ALT046) and CDr format (no catalogue reference). Altsphere is run by JeFF. The artwork between tape and CDr is different and the tape carries 2 bonus tracks, one from each band.
Edition: CDr in hand-numbered pressing of 70 copies, tape hand-numbered to 100 copies.

Track Listing:

01. Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod
02. Holle Modern
03. Military Desaster
04. Volksleid (tape-only bonus track)
05. I'm Possessed By The Devil
06. Under A Noise Spell
07. Let Me Explode (tape-only bonus track)

Nazgul likes the concept of tape and CD releases for the same album containing different artwork and tracks - makes the hard life of a collector so much more worthwhile!

This particular split release from our Austrian industrial heroes Bonemachine and French individual JeFF - who describes his work as "under the influence of all musical scenes from classical music to grindcore" - is a rather tasty morsel, and contains some good tunes and memorable moments.

The JeFF tracks in particular are very easy to listen too, but contain a real kaleidoscope of sounds and effects that keep the listener actively waiting for every subsequent second in fevered anticipation. The Bonemachine tracks too are very good - opening up with 'Bittere Erkenntnisse Durch Nahtod' there is a short period of distant background noise before an industrial sound (reminiscent of the pumping 'heart' of a machine) kicks in, overlain with a truly memorable piano melody that is both oh-so-simple yet devastatingly effective and atmospheric at the same time. Once heard, never forgotten!

'Holle Modern' is a shorter, more industrially focused piece, whilst 'Miltiary Desaster' will be familiar to readers of the Blog (in name, if not in sound, depending whether you've ever managed to track it down!) as the opening track on the "Bombardements" mini-CDr. Ten minutes plus of Winston Churchill and a sparsely played piano over ominous ambient noise background effects...

Tape-only bonus track 'Volksleid' had Nazgul scratching his head for a moment - that off-kilter drum beat opening sounded all too familiar, but from where...? A-ha, it's one of the bonus tracks on the "Vogelfrei" albums (Series 3, trivia buffs), and indeed it might also be worth noting for the record that 'Military Desaster' also appears on this same album, in the Series 2 bonus tracks section. Nazgul must really get on and cover Vogelfrei soon, it's a great album in a stunning wooden box-set.

During the preamble of writing this update, Nazgul dropped JeFF mainman Jeff Maurer a quick email to see if he had any particular recollections of how this split release came into being. JeFF was all to happy to oblige, and recalled the following:

"I used to have a little DIY no-profit label/mailorder so I made some trades. One day I received Bonemachine and Elisabetha stuff and I decided to contact Alex. We did some trades and we both liked the music of the other. So I asked him to made a split and it came like that."

So there we have it - the underground scene is alive and well. Check out JeFF's webpage at for more, including some cool downloads.

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