Saturday, 10 October 2009

BLUT - update

Title: Blut
Update: Alternative cover art

Nazgul has been rummaging around in his box of bits and pieces again on this fine autumnal afternoon, and for the sake of posterity has unearthed a couple of items that seemed worthy of a post of their own.

So without more ado here's the first of them - the alternative cover art to "Blut". You may recall the early May Blog entry on the re-released Werwolf Distro tape version of this Hross' demo, which mentioned that there was a CDr version from 1999 with a different cover. Well, here it is, in all it's snarling lupine glory, courtesy of Alex and a recent parcel of goodies direct from W.A.R. HQ.

I like this image a lot - it would make a fine t-shirt - and I trust my honoured readership enjoys it too.

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