Thursday, 22 October 2009

20 things you never knew about ... HUGIN

20 things you never knew about ... HUGIN

Nazgul thought a brief and eccentric interview with Hugin might be just the thing to ward off the onset of the winter blues, as the skies begin their transition to leaden grey and autumnal browns and greens start to give way to bare branches and snow-capped mountains.

So here it is - the first in an irregular series of Q&A with pivotal figures in the world of all things Hugin, beginning with the man himself. It's a bit of fun at the end of the day but for all those who've pondered about our mysterious hero, Nazgul commands you to read on - you may be surprised by some of the answers...!

1. Full Name and date of birth?
Alexander Wieser, 7th April 1969 - ufffff it's too long ago :-(

2. Place of birth?
Linz, in Austria

3. Favourite film?
The Dracula movies done by HAMMER Productions in the UK

4. Favourite food?
Veggies + Fruits - meat is murder!!!

5. What did you grow up wanting to become?
A fireman, like my father was

6. What has been your proudest moment?
The birth of my children

7. What was the first album or single you ever bought?
KISS - "Creatures Of The Night"

8. If you were elected king of the world, what would be your first decree?
Destroy it all & start from the beginning, otherwise I think we can change nothing :-(

9. What song do you wish you never had to hear again (your own or anyone elses!)?

"I promise myself" - don't know the artist, it's so bad...!

10. What album or release of your own has been the most difficult to complete, and why?
"Black Blood, White Hand" [the forthcoming Uruk Hai album] because a lot of people worked on it:-)

11. What album cover is your favourite (any band)?
BATHORY's "Blood Fire Death" (Die Wilde Jagt)

12. What album cover of your own work is your favourite?
"The Battle" from URUK HAI

13. You are hosting a fantasy dinner party - who would your 4 guests be (anyone, from any point in history) and why?
Ghandi, Jesus Christ, H.G. Wells, & Jules Verne

14. What book has most influenced your life?
The Holy Bible

15. Which individual has most influenced your life?
My children

16. What has been the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

17. Do you believe in life after death?

18. How would you like to me remembered after you die?
As a good father of my children

19. Which piece of music would you have played at your funeral?
Edvard Grieg's "The Hall Of The Mountain King"

20. You are stranded on a desert island, and can choose 3 records, 3 books, one companion and one luxury item - what would you choose?
BATHORY "Blood Fire Death"
NICK CAVE "Tender Pray"
GUESH PATTIE "Labyrinthe"

The Holy Bible

My best friend Roland

A solar-powered freezer

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