Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Title: Veteran (Eines Zukunftigen Krieges)
Format: Cassette-tape only release on the W.A.R. Productions label (Austria) in 2006, no catalogue reference. Tape came with mini-cover insert card, and is wrapped around with a signed seal showing edition number (which is also shown on the reverse flap).
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of 30 copies only

Track Listing:

01. Heimatleid

02. Strahlung: Positiv

Yet another limited edition Bonemachine tape that has no other point of reference on the Internet. Try a Google search, or have a look at your usual reference points online. Zip. Diddly-squat. Nothing. Happily Nazgul is here to right this wrong, and to bring into the glare of the public spotlight this small offering from 2006.

Only two tracks on offer, the first of which is the seemingly ubiquitous track from Bonemachine in 2006, 'Heimatleid", previously reviewed in the coverage given to "Endzeit" and "Soldat" in this Blog. Once more, however, I fancy that this version is subtly different from its counterparts on other releases, although it's one of those songs that the more you listen to it the more variety you hear within it.

Second track "Strahlung: Positiv" barrels along in a wake of Geiger-counters, percussive effects and a cloud of post-annihilation radioactive toxins, and fulfils the Bonemachine mantra of compelling yet entirely indescribable music. Job done.

A super little collectable this (my copy is #19 of the 30) and as Nazgul thought the sash effect wrapped around the case to be rather iconic it's quite surprising that we've not seen it making a reappearance since then. Ah well, Nazgul likes this small unique touches of creativity - witness the circuit board cover to the Bonemachine/Novasek split release.

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