Saturday, 26 September 2009

URUK HAI > Mystic Forest magnetic poster

Title: Mystic Forest
Format: A4 sized magnetic poster, created by Hugin in 2008
Edition: Only 3 made

Well, something a little different for you today. This is a very limited run magnetic poster called "Mystic Forest" which came in a vanishingly small quantity of 3 units worldwide back in around May 2008. Perfect for advertising the good name of Uruk Hai on your fridge, or even for use as a mouse-mat should you feel so inclined.

It has a similar artistic feel to the Uruk Hai / Moloch split release "Vereint durch die Kraft uralter Wälder" also released in 2008 (and yet to be covered in HonourAndDarkness....but fear not, it's coming). Some of those photos were taken (so Metal Archives helpfully tells me) by Pr.Sergiy (Sergiy Gordiuk) in the forest of Ploskyriv in the Ukraine, so perhaps there's a link or perhaps not. Either way, any fan of trees and woodland (count me in!) will like this creation.

And have you ever seen another one? One of the rarer items in Nazgul's burgeoning collection..!

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