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Title: Trummer Aus Stein (literally 'debris from stone')
Format: Cassette tape only release on the Chanteloup Creations label (France) in 1999, no catalogue reference, with 2 bonus tracks. An original 7 track version may also exist via Irrlichter Distro (Germany). Colour photocopied fold-out inlay, tracks recorded at Hugin's W.A.R. studios in June and July 1999.
Edition: Only 100 hand-numbered copies of this particular version

Track Listing:

Side A
01. Heimatleyd (intro) 7.57
02. Trummer Aus Stein 8.16
03. Wittverg 6.34
04. Asgard 3.35 (Chanteloup Creations bonus track)
Side B
05. Steine 10.15
06. Heil Dem Volke 4.04
07. Weit Entfernt 5.22
08. Nach Britania 2.31
09. Steine II 4.01 (Chanteloup Creations bonus track)

Well, here's something of a celebratory Blog entry! It's rare that new projects from Alex come to light, as his 'main' bands and projects will be well known to you all. Recently Nazgul was proud to publish a piece on Alex's Grindcore project Guts For Dinner and their sole demo, and here Nazgul is equally proud to unveil to the world the Heimatleid project, of which little is written anywhere in cyberspace as yet.

Careful reading of the B-Machina MySpace pages ( shows that in the 'General Info' section it is recorded under the band's history the following: "Founded: 1999 known as HEIMATLEID from 2001 BONEMACHINE now B-MACHINA Style: Mediaeval Industrial". On this basis one might reasonably suppose that this project would be playing music akin to that found on early Bonemachine releases, such as "Destination: Hell" and others. But wait, dear readers, for you would be wrong in such musings, as was Nazgul when he first received this tape and also made such an assumption.

It might be timely here to note for the record that the existence of this tape in Nazgul's clutches is a direct result of the kindness of two individuals specifically: Firstly, Skogen (founder of Chanteloup Creations) who very patiently dug this tape (and others) out of his archive for Nazgul following a pleasant exchange of emails, and also Hugin himself who unselfishly traded with Skogen to obtain it and then was kind enough to forward it to Nazgul for his collection. Gentlemen and scholars, both!

What you do get on this 9 track tape is what is, to all intents and purposes sonically speaking, something equivalent to a long-lost Hrossharsgrani demo! All of the same elements are there - the pounding symphony of the war-drum percussion, the unexpected interlude of piano and strings, the deep and gruff vocals so typical of early Hross' material, and that panoply of synthesiser, both melodious and apparently discordant all at one and the same time.

This probably should come as no surprise, for on one of the very earliest Hross' demos - "Feuer & Eis" from May-June 1999 - the lead-off track is none other than one called 'Heimatleid'...

Very few of these must still be around I'd wager - this is #17 of the 100 - as Skogen had but this one copy left and I've never seen one anywhere online or otherwise before it turned up. Oh, should you be wondering, Hugin's dedication on the front of the cassette case reads "The old castle of Wildberg near Linz".

The bottom line is that if you enjoy the raw, early releases of Hrossharsgrani (circa "Kampf", "Krieg" or "Lieder Aus Mittelerde") then you - like Nazgul - will think this long-lost demo to be the bee's knees. Heimatleid the project (which literally translates as 'Homeland Sorrow', or something of that nature) is a remnant from history of a style of pagan art that is well worth hearing, and which is certainly worth celebrating more widely. Let the good word spread!

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