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Band: Dark Domination (featuring Hugin)
Title: Reign Of The Fallen One
Format: CD pressing on the Sabbathid Records label (Japan), released 2008 , catalogue reference hoof051. The intro and outro tracks were composed by Hugin, with the remainder of the EP being the work of Latvian Black Metal horde Dark Domination
Edition: Unknown, presumed unlimited

Track Listing:

01. Venus Rising (Hugin) 1.11
02. Astral World 5.03
03. Spiritual Alchemy 5:09
04. Dance of Succubus 1:09
05. In the Name of the Horned God 4:36
06. Reign of the Fallen One 4:42
07. Angel Enthroned (Hugin) 1:12

There's a well known aphorism that states "time flies when your having fun". Also true is that time flies when you've been busy, and Nazgul holds up his hand to plead extenuating circumstances that has led to the HonourAndDarkness Blog not being updated for rather a long time. Indeed, it was only this evening when an email arrived from an honoured German reader of this missive, with only a partly tongue-in-cheek remark along the lines of "get your finger out, you lazy sod". And so, without further ado, Nazgul has sprung into action with an update before another evening passes by to sate the ravenous demand of his readership...

What better place to catch up once again than with something unusual? This EP on the Japanese Sabbathid Records label is the most recent release from this Latvian band, and features 2 short intro and outro tracks from our hero Hugin, or "Hugin from Uruk Hai" as the inlay fondly describes him.

The mastermind behind this band is one Lord Messir, who Nazgul approached a while back with the intent of capturing some of his thoughts for this very post. How providential it was, therefore, to receive a reply from him this evening, just in time to avoid Nazgul being further roasted for his tardiness!

And so, without further ado, a brief Blog exclusive interview with Lord Messir about this particular release:

Q1. Can you tell me a little about Dark Domination - it's origin and beliefs?
A1. Hell! So…. DD is Latvian BM band since 1998. At the moment we are one of oldest bands in LV. The main thing from the beginning of band creation was to be in opposition to the christian church! And also we try to show our point of view about dark themes and occultism.

Q2. When did you first come across Alex's music?
A2. A friend from EvilDistro gave me his CD of project Elisabetha.

Q3. Which project of his (Uruk Hai, B-Machina, Hrossharsgrani, etc etc) is your favourite, and do you have a favourite track / album of his?
A3. Unfortunately I don't know all his projects that well (he has so many), so I have no competence to make any comments about that.

Q4. How did the plan to record together happen?
A4. After I got his CD, I ask my friends to ask Alex, maybe he want to record synth on our album? Alex answered that he had no time for that, but he agreed to make the intro/outro

Q5. How did the 2 tracks he contributed to your album come to be - did you give him a concept to work to, or did he compose with you?
A5. Yes, I told him a little bit of the concept for the album, & he sent some material from his studio.

Q6. Are you planning to record anything further together?
A6. Yes. I have one my unfinished project, for a long time. I asked Alex 1.5 years ago about his interest join to that project, he was agreeable, but some troubles delayed things….. At the moment we do not make any steps on this way, but I still hope that all will happen.

Q7. What would you say about Alex and/or his work for the benefit of the HonourAndDarkness blog readers?
A7. Well, Alex is some kind of legend in that kind of music. I wish him all the best with health, with family, and a lot of success in music!

What a splendid fellow, and Nazgul thanks to Lord Messir for taking the time and trouble to answer his email.

As for the tracks themselves, well they are notably brief and fall into the mould of eerie synthesiser and echoing percussion prevalent that create a suitably unsettling initial atmosphere (and unsettling coda) for the rest of the album. By the way - the rest of the album is very enjoyable too, permeated with an evil intent and excellent musicianship that is well worth exploration.

Not the most common of CDs to find for sale but a search of the 'usual' distros should unearth a copy if you look hard enough. It's another string to the Hugin discography, this collaboration lark, and yet another reason for this Blog to exist....just to try to keep a record of all of this creative output, as it was one contribution that had passed me by rather until re-reading some of Alex's old emails the other evening. A salutary lesson indeed...!

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