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Title: Krieg
Format: Cassette-tape only release on the Chanteloup Creations label (France) from 1999 including one bonus track. Black & white photo-copied inlay, with hand-written edit for bonus track. Original 3 track release may have been on the Irrlichter Distro label (Germany) also 1999.
Edition: Chanteloup Creations version limited to 10 copies only
Track Listing:
01. Krieg
02. Mit Dem Schwerte
03. Schattenkrieger
04. Nachtmahr (Chanteloup Creations bonus track)

This 4 track tape release from the battle-machine Hrossharsgrani saw the light of day in 1999, and contains two tracks from the "Sagen & Gedichte" release of the same year plus 2 additional songs that seem to be unique to this release.

First things first, however: establishing this in the Hrossharsgrani discography! The dates of recording on the tape inlay show a recording period of 23/07/99 to 02/08/99 inclusive, whilst the CDr release "Sagen & Gedichte" records 23/07/99 to 24/08/99 inclusive. On this basis, it might seem reasonable to assess this tape as the earlier of the two releases, thus making it one of the very earliest Hrossharsgrani releases and one - certainly up until the date of this post - that has eluded the discography at the usually definitive Metal Archives site (though I'm fairly certain this will be put right shortly!)

The first two tracks on this release are from the "Sagen...." CDr demo, and are both familiar and as good as ever in that respect! Third track 'Schattenkrieger" is interesting, in as far as the title of course is that of the subsequent 2003 full-length Hross' release reviewed elsewhere in this Blog, and couldn't be more different from that style if it tried! This version kicks off with that famous John Carpenter piano score (although Nazgul is having a problem remembering whether it was from The Fog or from Halloween, but suffice to say it's tres cool whatever the film!) before launching into the sort of blood and guts Hrossharsgrani song that the album of the same name failed to deliver. I guess it's possibly the original inspiration for the 2003 release, but with all of the Hross' influences fully embedded.

There is a fourth track on this tape - the Chanteloup Creation's bonus addition of 'Nachtmahr'. Nazgul liked this short piece a lot, with its tasteful piano introduction and full-on in your face approach that follows. Nazgul remains intrigued to the translation of the spoken word part at the end of the track though....

The fact that this shows as a bonus track implies that there might well be a three-track version of the same "Krieg" demo out there yet unknown?!

Great early Hrossharsgrani stuff though, and one tape that Nazgul is indebted to Alex for both digging it for him from the vaults of W.A.R. Productions and taking the time to dedicate on the cover.

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