Thursday, 10 September 2009

HROSSHARSGRANI > promotional flyers

And what do we have here, Nazgul: A few promotional flyers advertising Hrossharsgrani releases

You've no idea how hard these sort of items are to find!?! What are essentially throw-away pieces of paper advertising releases for any early releases from any of Hugin's projects are like gold-dust to find as they all tended to be, well - thrown away. Such is the nature of publicity material - you either got it and discarded it, or looked at it and though "oooh, interesting..." and then discarded it. Such is the way of things.

Of course, deep in the vaults of W.A.R. there are doubtless stacks of promo-flyers and publicity material for all manner of projects and releases, but to find any out there in the big wide world has proven almost as tough as pinning down some of the most limited edition releases that Alex has issued.

Here are three of Nazgul's favourites - he happened to be rummaging through a box of his collectibles looking for something completely different, but as these surfaced from the depths it seemed a timely moment to celebrate some historical Hross' artefacts, especially as the "Krieg" demo has so recently been covered in this Blog.

And so, without more ado, let me introduce you to the three sheets of paper on display here, namely (in order of appearance):

  • the "Der Pfad Zum Tor Der Toten" advertisement, hailing the band's 2nd CD featuring 6 tracks of "Barbarian Black Metal" at a price of US$14 (140ATS/20Dm in those halycon pre-Euro days);
  • the "Ancient Tales" flyer, promising (and delivering) "Black Viking Metal Hymns" for a mere US$17 (170ATS/25Dm/90FF); and
  • the almost impossible to find flyer for "Sagen & Gedichte" mCD - well, the CD itself is impossible to find now, let alone the flyer! - which retailed at the time at the bargain price of US$8 (80ATS/12Dm)

Oddly enough, it's promotional material that sometimes is the most prized in any collection, and Nazgul is no exception to this rule - it's those little things that can make a big difference!

So fellow fans of HonourAndDarkness - search those dark drawers and deep recesses of cupboards and desks: any such spare material for any of Alex's bands that you have old Uncle Nazgul desires from you...

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