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Title: Zeit
Format: Cassette release from 2006, label uncredited but most likely self-released by Hugin through W.A.R. Productions (Austria). Includes the tracks on the CDr release "Schwarzes Jerusalem" but adds tape-only bonus elements! One-sided paper-sleeve cover, C90 tape.
Edition: Limited to only 20 hand-numbered pieces

Track Listing:

Side A
01. Schall & Rauch
02. Die 4 Dimension
03. Raserei (Klangniederschrift Eines Krieges In 2 Akten)
04. Endzeitensturm
05. Flucht Nach Vor!
06. Erneuerung - tape only bonus track
07. Akustische Impressionen Der Letzten Groszen Schlacht

Side B

01. Heimatleid (Neuer Titel 2005)

Animal lovers look away now - the cover of "Zeit" is certainly dramatic, if not entirely dove-friendly!

This tape release collated the excellent tracks of the "Schwarzes Jerusalem" CDr released through Smell The Stench in 2006 (see Nazgul's previous Blog on this release from 7 April 2009) and adds to them a couple of cassette-only bonuses, in true old school tradition!

Firstly, you have track 6 on Side A, 'Erueuerung', which is a percussion based instrumental number in keeping with the industrial-dance ethos of the other songs on the first side. A quality additional track, although not up on the same level as Nazgul's 3 favourites from this album - and you'll have to re-read the earlier Blog to remind yourself of those, as there's far too much to do without re-typing all that lot again!

Side B gives us 'Heimatleid' as a second bonus track, which you may recall was the starter track on the "Endzeit" release, reviewed on 19 June 2009. It's still a menacing and more industrial track than the other songs on this release, but a good opportunity to hear it had you missed out on the limited run of 69 copies of the "Endzeit" CDr from Hexenreich Records. It's much edited down here from the 13.00 minute epic on the CDr version, and actually is a tad more listenable as a result.

Speaking of editions, this particular tape only came in a number of 20 and for ages poor old Nagzul searched without success to find one. Then he happened to mention to Alex that he was looking for a copy, and lo and behold Alex had a spare copy to sell (which turned out to be #20/20). It just goes to show - why complicate matters: just ask!

The aforementioned Hexenreich label (hails, Andres!) are well worth a visit by the way, as their online shop was recently offering some real Bonemachine bargains in amongst a host of sale items of their stock. Indeed, Nazgul managed to purchase a number of releases as spare copies for only 1€ apiece, including the mighty fine 'Bombardements' 3" CDr and other collectible goodies. Pay them a visit at and tell them that the HonourAndDarkness Blog sent you!

So there you have it - another scarce and collectible Bonemachine release with some ludicrously catchy music and well worth tracking down. Except that you almost certainly won't find the tape release anywhere now, as Nazgul discovered personally. However, don't despair - the CDr version is still widely available via Smell The Stench and Hexenreich, and for the small amount of money required to own it must count as one of the best Bonemachine investments you could find!

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