Saturday, 22 August 2009

NOSFERAT - update

Title: Nosferat (Das Blutige Vermachtnis Einer Dynastie)
Format: Tape and CDr pressings exist (see post from 4 August 2009)
Why the update, Nazgul: different colour cover now obtained!

Back on the 4 August I posted my comments on the "Nosferat" release from Alex's ambient horror project Elisabetha. At the time Nazgul mentioned that the versions obtained directly from Alex (as opposed to from distros) came with a red cover, rather than the white one that was in my collection (which came from Leigh at STS in Australia).

Part of my order with Hexenreich (this is increasingly sounding like my month to plug this label, but it's not, honest guv'nor!) was this 'red cover' version, which had presumably been supplied to them directly by Alex at some time in the past. Same tracks, same art design, just red. More in keeping with the vampyric nature of this project, and another item ticked off the 'wants' list!

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