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TITLE: Minimal Baby
FORMAT: CDr in 2 editions released by Skull Zine (Germany), catalogue reference SLCD001-08. The regular edition came with one disc in standard jewel-case. The limited edition came in a two disc format (second disc in plastic wallet) and came wrapped in a baby's nappy (thankfully unused) and with a feeding spoon...!
EDITION: Regular edition in a numbered run of 400 pieces (101-500), limited edition of 100 pieces (1-100) also hand-numbered.


Of the 30 tracks spread across both discs, the relevant entry is:
Bonus CD2
03: Ich Tauche Tiefer

As an ardent collector it's very, very seldom that I don't mind not having the full set of items associated with a limited edition or special pressing. In this case, however, Nazgul is fairly happy to make an exception to the rule. The special limited edition comes "wrapped in a baby's nappy, with a baby spoon" ?! So granted the release is called "Minimal Baby", but bloody hell! Whatever next....Nazgul shudders to think!? The second photo above is an internet grab of the offending article in full glory - my actual copy lies above.

This particular collection came to Nazgul directly from Alex, who presumably had received a few from the label. Skull Zine run a mail order business and zine ( and this particular compilation is still available from them if modern electro-experimental is your bag. The webpage as far as I can see shows that the zine specialises in neofolk, industrial, dark ambient and 80's electronica so plenty on offer there, and indeed in this release. If bands rejoicing under the names Zhark, Datafreq, Legopop, Sickdoll, Echo West and Klement mean anything to you then Nazguil assumes you either own this compilation already, or are into the genre.

Anyway, we digress. As stated, this 2CDr came direct from Alex himself and judging by the numbering I suspect it was a label promo for the contributing artist (COI): disc one is numbered 224/500, whilst bonus disc two is referenced 'C.O.L. of 100 pieces.' Ah yes, the typo - the bonus disc bears the name C.O.L for Ceremony Of Innocence, somewhat frustrating for the artist I would imagine, particularly when trying to establish a new project....!

The track in question we already know courtesy of Nazgul's earlier post from 21st May, when the merits of this particular free internet download single (and those leather shorts!) were debated. It's still as good as ever, all wobbly electronica and toe-tapping rhythm, and Nazgul for one is very much looking forward to the next official COI release to make its way out of W.A.R. Studios as part two of the quadrilogy in progress.

One oddity on this compilation is the fact that bonus disc 2 (only available with the first 100 of this pressing, remember) advertises a 'bonus' track of its own at track 11, suggesting that there ought to be a bonus disc 2 with only 10 tracks somewhere. Except that there isn't, by all accounts.

Nurse, the pills.....

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