Saturday, 15 August 2009

Hexenreich sampler August 2009 [V/A]

Title: August 2009 free sampler (split across 3 labels)
Format: CDr with paper sleeve in plastic wallet. 12 songs from a variety of bands (see second image)
Edition: unknown

Track Listing:

Various Pagan Black Metal and other projects featured, the relevant track of which is:
12. Uruk Hai * Moria (Covered In Black Fog) 7.03

As Nazgul had just completed his post for Bonemachine's 'Zeit' tape and within it had mentioned the bargains obtained from Estonian label Hexenreich, it seemed a timely moment to add a small addition to HonourAndDarkness for this timely arrival - a free compilation sampler from Hexenreich / Arhalilised Helid / Black Devastation Records received with his last order from the ever-helpful Andres.

Of the 12 tracks on offer, the pertinent entry is the final one - 'Moria (Covered In Black Fog)' by Uruk Hai. This track originates on the Hexenreich-released CDr/tape version of "Northern Lights" from 2005, although the tape pressing truncates the title to a simple 'Moria.'

Following a distant rumble of thunder and a flourish of keyboards, a gentle synthesizer opening starts us on our aural visit to Moria ("Black Chasm"), which in the world of Tolkein was an enormous underground complex in north-western Middle Earth, comprising a vast network of tunnels, chambers, mines and huge halls that ran under, and ultimately through, the Misty Mountains.

This first part to the song is calm and placid, albeit somewhat ominous as the feeling of being enclosed and proceeding carefully through unknown dark passages is well formed. The rest of the track continues in a similar fashion - you are effectively creeping through the underground chasms of Moria with a spooky aural accompaniment! The piece ends with a light shower of rain (not literally, of course) and an ominous rumble of percussion - the path into the Misty Mountains and out of the gloom has surely been reached...

A greatly atmospheric track, and one that reminds Nazgul that he really should get on and reviewed "Northern Lights" sooner rather than later.

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