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Title: Eine Dunkle Symbiose Von Blut & Nacht
Format: Split CDr between Elisabetha and German Black Metal band Nachtmahr, pressed in a paper sleeve with inserted double-sided A4 sheet (one side for each band, Elisabetha side with lyrics pictured) on picture disc CDr. Promotional-only item, never commercially released. A 2004 release through W.A.R. Productions (Austria).
Edition: Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies

Track Listing:

Seite Blut - Elisabetha
01. Killer Kreatur 8.32

Seite Nacht - Nachmahr

02. Prometheus
03. Pandora

Nazgul owes a debt of gratitude to Azazel of Nachtmahr for this particular beauty - as a promotional only release from 2004 there were precious few of these around at all even when newly pressed, and it would seem that Elisabetha and Nachtmahr both had 25 copies each to distribute as they saw fit. By an unlucky stroke of timing Alex had literally just given away his last copy shortly before Nazgul enquired about the existence of any, but following a pleasant email exchange with Azazel this copy (#30 of the 50) was secured and was soon winging its way to England to be held in Nazgul's vaults!

The style of the Elisabetha track 'Killer Kreatur' is unquestionably in the same vein as their preceding full length release "Und Wirklichkeit Erfullt Die Seele Wieder" and indeed some of the guitar riffs seem very familiar in this particular song, emulating that curiously and almost 1960's psychedelic sound that Nazgul mentioned in his review of the full-length release. Mixed with a smattering of echoing female vocals, some fast-paced guitar and drum work in classic black metal style (who ever said this wasn't a band deserving of a Metal Archive entry? Pah!) and suitably grim vocals later in the piece.

Helpfully (well, for those fluent in German) the lyrics to the song came printed on the A4 flyer that accompanies the release. All in all, Nazgul enjoyed this one, and although it is so evidently a continuation of the story from the earlier album it sits nicely as a single track in its own right.

Interestingly, there was a subsequent 2004 vinyl release on the Eclipse of Live Promulgation label called "Eine Dunkle Symbiose Aus Tod & Ewiger Finsternis" that features the same two Nachtmahr tracks but with a different Elisabetha recording. Clearly the promo CDr here had its intended effect and led to a formal split release for both bands, albeit with slightly revised content. And yes, before you ask, Nazgul will finally get around to reviewing some more of his vinyl collection of bits and pieces in due course, including the "...Tod & Ewiger Finsteris" release!

The two Nachtmahr tracks, by the way, are also well worth a listen, and combine excellent vocals (including some impressive baritone narrative on 'Prometheus') and compelling music with a nice smattering of black metal influences, but never becoming cliched. On the back of this CDr I also obtained online a few of the band's early tape demos, which are well worth tracking down.

As far as the Elisabetha track here goes, unless you had a copy of this promo it was pretty much unavailable until - with the release of the 3-disc rarities collection "Eternal Deathvastation" in 2008 - it resurfaced again. Mind you, there were only 50 of those triple-disc sets produced as well, so it's equally rare to find that anthology now as well

And yes, that's yet another release Nazgul needs to cover. Hmmm....there's no shortage of material to review, is there?!

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