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Band: BONEMACHINE split tape with Gruuthaagy
Title: Audible War #1
Format: Cassette tape-only release on Smell The Stench (Australia) in 2006, no reference number. Split tape with Croatian band Gruuthaagy, who support "the total death of art."
Edition: Unknown - believed to be unlimited

Track Listing:

Side 1: Gruuthaagy

01. Crne Zastave
02. Robija

Side 2: Bonemachine

03. Heimatleid
04. Babiy Jar

Both Bonemachine tracks spring from the 2006 CDr release "Endzeit", which Nazgul reviewed on the 19th June on these very pages. There the label (Hexenreich) had put out a 9 track CDr containing Bonemachine tracks that also appeared on a proliferation of other demos and releases that year. This is a good example, with Australian label STS getting in on the act with the added attraction of a couple of Gruuthaagy songs thrown in for good measure on a split tape basis.

As previously reported, the Bonemachine tracks are essentially in the vein of industrial noise/martial rhythm and pound along merrily to the synthesised sound of static, falling girders, militaristic drums and bizarre vocal effects. There's something oddly compelling about this form of music, as on the face of it the description served up by Nazgul just now doesn't in all honesty sound likely to send the masses rushing to the internet to try to buy this release. That notwithstanding, it's 'strange' enough to command your attention and keep you unsettled as you'll never quite know what's coming up next.

The middle photo above shows the kind dedication that Alex made on my copy of this tape, and perhaps sums up this particular outing in the few words "there is no peace" better than all of Nazgul's ramblings.

Flip the tape and you'll come across Gruuthaagy. Now, Nazgul will be perfectly honest with you here. Based on the name sounding like a rather crass grindcore band and the internet describing them as "industrial punk" I didn't listen to this side for absolutely ages after owning the tape. Then, by chance, I read Keegan Irvine's description of the two bands on his SFM site - notably referring to them as "Satanarnachistelectrodoom vs. Industrial Heathen Hell" - which prompted me to give the Gruuathaagy side a spin. And poke me with a rusty nail, it's rather good - nothing like anything I imagined, and rather a mature keyboard and drum-based couple of tracks that are, well, really rather good!

So here endeth today's lesson - never judge a project by it's name, judge it with your ears....

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