Saturday, 22 August 2009

ATLANTIDA Volume 16 [V/A]

Title: Atlantida Vol. 16
Format: Compilation CDr pressed on the Atlantida Productions label (Lithuania) with tracks from 17 different black/folk metal bands.
Edition: unknown

Track Listing:
17 tracks in total, of which the relevant two are:

04. Ravenclaw * Ravenclaw (from the "Where Mighty Ravens Fly" MCD)
13. Hrossharsgrani * Flesh And Steel (from "The Secret Fire" CD)

Another Atlantida compilation CD from the Atlantida series, being volume 16 and being the second to be covered in HonourAndDarkness.

Nothing especially new on show here - the two tracks (one each for Ravenclaw and Hrossharsgrani) are previously released efforts, and all very fine and dandy they sound here too, particularly 'Flesh And Steel' which was one of Nazgul's favourite songs from "The Secret Fire" album.

As with all compilation CDs, it's a cheap way of getting to hear a variety of new bands. It's also another way to keep collectors on their toes, trying to identify which of their favourite bands have appeared on obscure collections from labels around the globe....!

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