Saturday, 22 August 2009


Title: Another Time
Format: In this pressing, the limited edition (7) wooden box set
Why the update, Nazgul: To share the fruits of some detective work....

If you were to cast your eye back to the Blog entry for "Another Time" (28 February 2009) you would see that the very limited edition wooden-box set created by the design-gurus at T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! contained a war-related metal badge as part of its content. Each of the 7 boxes contained a separate badge, so inevitably the curious nature that Nazgul possesses got the better of him and a bit of detective worked seemed in order to try and find out what the other badge designs were.

Considering that Nazgul finally managed to track down his own copy from a seller in Brazil, the scale of the task was (and remains) daunting, as these sets could quite literally be anywhere on the planet with little way of knowing where to begin to look.

This update - entirely thanks to the ever-helpful Igor and Tanya at The Eastern Front - reveals the identification of another 2 designs, bringing the known list to 3. If you have one of these sets, or know someone who does, do get it touch via and include a photo of your horde!

The top photo shows Nazgul's own badge, the 'Battleship' design. Photo two identifies a rather fine golden 'Tank' design, whilst photo three sports a 'Submarine' motif. Odds are there would be an aeroplane released badge out there somewhere, but what else might be lurking within the shadowy confines of the remaining small, wooden boxes? Only (Another) Time will tell...

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