Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Vogelfrei coffee mugs....!

Design: Ceramic coffee mugs, part of the promotion for the 'Vogelfrei' release on the Israeli label The Eastern Front.
Edition: limited to only 5

As Nazgul sits in his high tower, surveying the world rushing about its business below him, he often reaches for a restorative cup of coffee to ward off the chill and sustain his flagging soul.

What better way could there be, therefore, to enjoy said beverage than in a promotional Bonemachine mug? Well, probably a variety in truth, but the point is that Nazgul is the proud owner of a pair of these collectables and apropos of nothing much decided to illuminate his Blog with them for your edification.

Only 5 were made. The first one I bought directly from Alex a year or more ago, and then only a few weeks ago The Eastern Front listed one for sale on eBay so I've now got a pair. I wonder if I put them in a dark corner together whether they might reproduce, and bring forth a line of Vogelfrei espresso cups...? Hmmmm - never actually opened and still in their wrapping should put paid to such mischief.

Nice items though, and typical of the lavish care that The Eastern Front puts into their product, as you'll recall from this Blog's coverage of the 'Another Time' wooden box-set. Indeed, wait until the wooden box-set for the 'Vogelfrei' release is covered....

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