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Title: Untodt
Format: Tape only release on the Eclipse Of Live Promulgation label (Germany) from 2004, catalogue reference EOLP014, with full colour inlays. Based on rehearsal recordings from 2002/03.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of only 155 copies

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Ave Satani 01:09
2. Oratorium (Version 2003) 09:52
3. Verloren Im Licht Sakraler Lust und Agonie 07:09
4. Ein Sommernachtstraum 17:24
5. Elisabetha - Part III 07:33

Side B
6. Wenn Doch Der Morgen( Version 2003) 09:03
7. Untodt Im Wechselbad Der Sinnlichkeit 27:43
8. Werwolf 09:40

This Elisabetha demo tape was released in 2004 by EoLP in a typically limited number (mine is #149 of the 155 made), but is an atypical Elisabetha release in some ways.

For a start, there are some notably un-Elisabetha influences at work in some of the tracks. This is apparent, for example, in the electro-dance qualities displayed in 'Untodt Im Wechselbad Der Sinnlichkeit' on Side B, which sound to Nazgul like the very early seeds of a Ceremony of Innocence project trying to burst forth from Alex's creative fingertips. Equally, only a cursory listen to Side A will have you spotting some industrial beats that wouldn't go astray on a Bonemachine release.

Of course, wrapped around all of this is the more expected Gregorian chanting / atmospheric vampyric ambiance and downright moody music that you would expect from an Elisabetha demo. Gone are the long spoken word passages from the earlier 'radio play' days of 2001, and in their place are either short pieces of 'horror ambiance' a la track 1 'Ave Satanis' with it's choral majesty, or keyboard pieces such as 'Elisabetha Part III'.

There are a number of long tracks on this demo too, which are pretty difficult to describe in words yet effective on the ears if you are in the mood to absorb a chilling rendition of dark, gloomy and disturbing music. Nazgul particularly likes 'Oratorium' in this revised version (the original being on the yet-to-be-reviewed vinyl-only release 'Bluthochzeit'), which is the sort of music you might find popping unbidden into your mind on a lengthy walk towards a creepy, foreboding place you have to visit but would rather not go anywhere near....

Overall a mixture of styles combine to make this a varied and enjoyable listen - it's different from the preceding Elisabetha releases but no worse for that, as long as you listen with an open mind and aren't expecting another heavily Dracula-based play.

Kudos to EoLP too for a nicely presented tape release, with a splendid colour inlay and full lyrics to 'Wenn Doch Der Morgen' printed on the reverse.

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