Friday, 17 July 2009

Of trades, spares and collectable items...

Nazgul has been rather busy of late, so apologies to all for the lack of Blog updates in this past week. The situation will be remedied soon, I hope, as there's no shortage of things to review and comment upon....just a lack of precious time to get it done, alas.

However, two items of good news worth a post today whilst I have a minute.

Firstly, the number of followers of my Blog has increased by a whopping 50% to, errrr 3 (!), with the arrival of Zombocom Wizardry, so welcome fellow fan and Nazgul hopes you enjoy the ride.

Secondly, I do get asked the occasional question (a-ha, there must be more than the 3 of you out there!) about where some of these releases can be found. Well, Nazgul has recently made an investment in a number of back-up tapes of some of Alex's releases just in case my death-deck does the nasty and chews up the old album here and there. As such, the haul in the photo above (listed below) now represents duplicates as far as my collection is concerned, but also includes some quite hard to find items.

One day I'll manage to sort out all of the duplicates I have and list them, but until such point (don't hold your breath) the tapes in the photo above are listed below. If you - as a serious Hugin fan - are struggling to find any of these albums and would like to see if old Nazgul can help you out - then feel free to drop me an email to and I'll see what I can do.

The list is:

Uruk-Hai – The Battle & A Vikings Journey tape (limited to 500)
Uruk-Hai – Tawantinsuyu chapter 1-12 tape (limited to 200)
Uruk-Hai – Tawantinsuyu chapter 13-19 tape (limited to 200)
Uruk-Hai – Dragons Of War tape
Uruk-Hai / Symbiosis – split tape
Uruk-Hai / Valar – Split tape
Uruk-Hai / Vinterriket – Split tape (limited to 400)
Uruk-Hai – Valkyrian Romance tape (limited to 30)
Uruk-Hai – A Vikings journey tape
Uruk-Hai / Abandoned – split tape
Uruk-Hai – Songs From The Woods tape (limited to 88)
Uruk-Hai – Northern Lights tape (limited to 188)
Uruk-Hai – A Night In the Forest tape
Uruk-Hai – Barbarians tape (limited to 222)
Uruk-Hai – Across the Misty Mountains tape
Uruk-Hai – Battle Yells tape (limited to 66)
Uruk-Hai – In Durin's Halls tape (limited to 300)
Uruk-Hai – Arkillery - split tape (limited to 250)

Bonemachine – Rehearsal 2002/2004 tape
Bonemachine – Blutgrund tape

Elisabetha – Durst Nach Unsterblichkeit tape (limited to 100)
Elisabetha – Demeter tape (limited to 500)
Elisabetha – Nosferatu tape
Elisabetha – Sterbegesange tape (limited to 1000)
Elisabetha – Untodt tape (limited to 155)

Hrossharsgrani – Rehearsal 1999 tape

Public service announcement over!

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