Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Monolog & Rythmus
Format: CDr-only pressing through Smell The Stench (Australia), 2006, no catalogue number. Artwork on this release drawn by Alex.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing:
01. Faust (ein Monolog) 21.08
02. Dunkler Rythmus 46.24

Two lengthy tracks make up this 2006 release from industrial project Bonemachine, and a release stated on the Discogs website as a 'limited edition' (although no quantity is identified) housed in a DVD case with artwork done by the man A.W. himself.

Virtually nothing exists about this release online save a few download sites and the Discogs entry, plus reference at the STS website too. A shame really, as it's a decent piece of industrial music, with both tracks being unique and composed of more than one section without being overwrought and suffering from "everything but the kitchen sink" syndrome.

'Faust (ein Monolog)' does contain, as the title suggests, a spoken word monologue (in German) behind some dark industrial effects and soundscapes. Whether it is based on the Dr Faustus play, or is a more personal commentary about self, Nazgul cannot say as there is no translation to the lyrics and Nazgul's rudimentary German will identify the odd word here and there, but not much else.

The second track - clocking in a monster 46 minutes plus - is the more enjoyable of the two in my mind. Plenty of variety in the music and the samples (including a Winston Churchill excerpt following the invasion of Russia by Hitler's forces) and great incidental music for a play held deep in your own imagination.

Smell The Stench deemed this release to be "industrial hell", whilst the only other website offering a comment on it that Nazgul could unearth was the GutsOfDarkness site, which proclaimed the release to be "repetitive ambient industrial."

If this sort of thing is your bag, then I could certainly think of far worse ways of spending an hour of your life...

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