Friday, 24 July 2009

HROSSHARSGRANI > original artwork

Nazgul has mentioned in past Blogs that occasionally Alex will send me some very interesting pieces of artwork for his projects, either in relation to specific albums (as with the Bonemachine covers reviewed a while ago) or just relating to one of his projects or another.

As Nazgul has just posted a piece on the S.P.Q.R. release from Hrossharsgrani, and as we've not delved into the 'art' file for a week or so, it seemed timely to grab a couple of pieces of art from the archive to have a look at this evening! There's plenty more in there for future postings, rest assured...!

Starting with the second photo first (and why not) you'll see here the final art proof for the CDr cover of the original 'Blut' demo. Readers with longer memories (specifically back to the 8th May) will recall my review of the tape release of that demo - which later became re-worked as the 'Sanguis' album, also covered recently - and mention was made of the fact that a CDr version with different artwork was prepared in 1998 but not actually released.

Well, the werewolf cover shown here was that very artwork, and it appears in the Metal Archive site listing for this particular demo (mainly I suspect as it's been grabbed from the Hrossharsgrani MySpace site and no one has a photo of the tape cover that was actually issued!) Nazgul confesses that he likes this CDr motif - it's both striking and artfully dark in its nature.

The top picture - and no, it wasn't me that tore off the top right corner, honest guv'nor - is one of Alex's hand-drawn designs for a possible Hross cover. You'll notice the familiar logo design (now redesigned for the latest era of Hross releases - check back over the S.P.Q.R. cover for the latest version) and fantasy-battle character sketch dominating the picture.

Again, it's an interesting insight into the development of the band and - Nazgul hopes -of some interest to the legions of fans out there......well, to the few of you that I know read these pages regularly at any rate (and thanks for filling in the poll, guys!) And once more, Nazgul gives his thanks to Alex for entrusting him with these little nuggets of history from distant times....pagan war hails to you, my brother!

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