Saturday, 4 July 2009

ATLANTIDA Volume 15 [V/A]

Band: RAVENCLAW and others
Title: Atlantida Vol. 15
Format: Compilation CDr on the Atlantida Productions label (Lithuania) released circa 2002/03. Bringing together a variety of black, pagan and metal bands this features a previously unreleased Ravenclaw track.
Edition: Unknown

Track Listing:

19 tracks in total, of which the relevant tracks for Ravenclaw are:
01. Weltenbrand (from the "Where Mighty Ravens Fly" mCD)
10. Battlemarch (unreleased track)
16. Ravenclaw (from the "Where Mighty Ravens Fly" mCD)

Well, it's not everyday that you come across an unreleased Ravenclaw track so when Alex mentioned that this particular compilation CD had one on it the decision to purchase became no-brainer!

The Atlantida compilations are the work of former Ravenclaw member R******s, and as you might imagine with this being volume 15 of the range a fair number of bands have appeared over the years, including other projects of Alex's (and Nazgul will cover those in future posts, so far as I've managed to track them down!)

There are in fact no less than 3 Ravenclaw songs on this release, 2 of which were from the "Where Mighty Ravens Fly" mini-CD covered in a past Blog post. The unreleased track 'Battlemarch' (actually misspelled as 'Battelmarch' on the inlay) is a very short piece - 1:07 to be precise - and sounds like an outtake from the same recording sessions. It kicks of with a drum beat very reminiscent of that of a marching army, before a synthesiser refrain meanders its way over the ongoing pounding beat before all fades out just after the minute has passed.

Not necessarily the sort of track that would have you reaching for the repeat button over and over again, but certainly nice to have should you be an avid collector.

Nazgul wonders how many more unreleased tracks from this project might be out there....?

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