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Title: Neu
Format: 2 track cassette tape-only format, released in 2007 through the Farbstoff Abstrakt Media Prod. label (Germany) with no catalogue reference number. Colour one-sided inlay, tape stickered with the 'new' B-Machina logo.
Edition: Limited to 45 hand-numbered copies only

Track Listing:

01. Eispalast

02. X-Ray-Specs

Firstly, a note of caution. This cassette-only release is still advertised in the online catalogue of Farbstoff Abstrakt Media so you might be inclined to try to purchase one from them. You might also have your eye caught by two other releases in the same catalogue by WACH and Elisabetha, both to my certain knowledge never actually released. Indeed, it's probably only a slight exaggeration to say that WACH's Reverend Kim would rather poke his own eyeball with a rusty needle than deal with Farbstoff again, for various reasons that we need not go into here. Let us just say the the principle of 'buyer-beware' has never been more aptly demonstrated.

Happily I obtained my copy directly from Alex, hence the dedication on the reverse side of the inlay (this is #22 of the limited run of 45) so at least all was well here.

The label describes this release as follows:

"B-Machina arise from the ashes of the well known Bonemachine project with two new and long tracks, with a playing time of about forty minutes!!! This is the first official release of this auspicious project! Expect nothing less than a very individual mix of War Industrial, Dark Ambient elements and noisy sounds full of negative power! Normal tape with a professionally printed cover artwork! Strictly limited to 45 hand numbered copies!"

and to be fair to them they have at least given this an honest write-up. "Neu" was the first release of the reborn B-Machina (following the introduction of Max on guitars) and as such it was a 'new' start for the band.

That said, the music involved is quite guitar-free in places and driven more through dissonant industrial rhythms than straightforward melodies as you might imagine. There is a very catchy synth melody running through 'Eispalast' (literally: Ice Palace) though, which makes for a much more memorable song (and Ill be damned if I can't recall where I've heard it before, but I have a suspicion that this song - or at least the melody from it - has appeared on another B-Machina release). I rather like this, and in edited form I could see it being a good one for a compilation album somewhere down the line. Second track 'X-Ray-Specs' is thankfully nothing to do with the 'germ-free adolescent' new-wave band but more of an immersion in a mechanised jungle of sound, complete with disturbing electronic 'animal' howls and wails and an atmosphere of unadulterated chaos and menace.

A good release, though as I normally end up concluding it's probably safe to say that all copies are now sold-out so where you'd find one is anyones guess.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed more Bonemachine/B-Machina coverage in recent postings that for any other project - this is simply because there is a disproportionate level of output from this most prolific of projects compared to that of, say, Manwe or Ravenclaw. However, when it's this good.....who cares!?

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