Thursday, 11 June 2009


Design: 'Nachtmärfahrten' t-shirt
Edition: limited to only 20 copies, hand-numbered on the label

This is the first post on HonourAndDarkness of a piece of clothing, so we're breaking new ground here people!

Produced in a tiny edition of only 20 pieces (this is hand numbered #18 on the inner label) this stylish (!) Elisabetha t-shirt features the Prince of Darkness Vincent Price on the front (wash out your mouth if you said Ozzy Osbourne) underneath the band logo.

By a strange coincidence, the day that Nazgul emailed Alex to say that he'd managed to buy one of these (from the Eclipse of Live Promulgation label) it transpired that Alex was wearing his copy of the shirt too...mightily spooky......

I've a few other shirts and bits and bobs in the collection, so will pop them up on the Blog in due course!

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