Friday, 5 June 2009


My Favourite...
Format: 4 track CDr with bonus video track in unique custom cover and hand-made sleeve. Includes hand-written track details, original photo of Hugin and personal dedication / issue number.
Edition: Ultra-limited personal edition of 1 copy only

Track Listing:

01. The Unknown (unreleased remaster version) 3.53
02. Bell Tower (unreleased Kitaro cover) 12:34
03. Beneath The Moon, Beneath The Sun (from the upcoming album 'Journey's End') 11:22
04. Lebenin (unreleased different track) 10:28
Bonus Video
05. Beneath The Moon, Beneath The Sun

Not strictly speaking an official Uruk Hai CDr release this one, but as it's Nazgul's birthday today I thought I'd share some one of the more interesting items in my collection.

Some while ago - and long before I became a regular correspondent with Alex - I asked him what were his particular favourites from the Uruk Hai catalogue of work. I had rather expected a simple email reply, but lo and behold this rather striking package appeared as a present for Nazgul, which I have treasured ever since. Hand designed and illustrated by Alex, this collates some of his favourite tracks - just look at that splendid dragon-cover for the CDr, and the effort that has been put into the design of the logo and the overall package. Marvellous, and bear in mind this wasn't for general production either, all of this effort was for one fan who happened to write to him way back when....

Of the four tracks on offer, Alex has offered the following details of why he picked them:

(1) The Unknown - "I like this track because it's from the first era of Uruk-Hai when all started back in 1999"
(2) Bell Tower - "Kitaro cover: I love the music of this Japanese artist a lot"
(3) Beneath The Moon, Beneath The Sun - "For me the best ever recorded Uruk Hai track + nice low budget video clip!"
(4) Lebenin - "New remix, great Middle Earth atmosphere"

I'm just off to give this unique piece another spin on the death-deck, and send barbaric hails of greeting to my Austrian friend Alex!

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