Saturday, 6 June 2009


Title: The Hour Of Scare volume 1 [various artists]
Format: 14 track compilation CD from the CCP Records label (Austria) from 2003, cat ref 100245-2, featuring 13 bands from the CCP stable. Interestingly, Hrossharsgrani are the only band to be represented twice on this release. Estatic Fear also appear on this compilation at track 7 with their contribution to the "Schattenkrieger" release.
Edition: Unnumbered and presumed unlimited

Track Listing:
Tracks of relevance being:
08. Flesh & Steel (from 'The Secret Fire')
14. Krieg Entbrannte (Nacht Der Helden) (from 'Schattenkrieger')

Really one for the completists amongst us, this one. CCP Records issued this particular compilation back in 2003 and in it included two previously released tracks from the Hrossharsgrani battle-machine.

Both have been previously covered within this Blog, so Nazgul has little new to add to the comments already committed to 'virtual paper'.

As Nazgul noted once before, the number of Alex's projects means that tracks are seemingly forever popping up on various compilation albums here and there. Some are new and exclusive, as contributed by Alex directly, others are previously released work and usually - as in this instance - contributed by the record label in question. I shall attempt to keep this Blog abreast of all the compilations I can, although it's a thankless task at times!!

Overall an entertaining CD of bands on the CCP roster, and should you find one at a fair price you could certainly do worse with your hard-earned than invest in this ear-candy.

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