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Title: Endzeit
Format: CDr released on the Hexenreich Records label (Estonia) in 2006, catalogue reference HXNRCH014. Came with sticker and with picture disc CDr.
Edition: Hand-numbered release of only 69 copies

Track Listing:

01. Heimatleid 13.00
02. Einst Im Mai 2.12
03. Babiy Jar 17.28
04. Blutgrund 4.33
05. Kriegerische Felder Aus Hass 2.39
06. Never Stop This War 12.58
07. Eisensturm 12.32
08. Heimkehrer 6.11
09. Soldat 3.50

This was Nazgul's first ever Bonemachine purchase, trivia fans, bought on eBay back in 2006 and the start of another dimension of my collection. It's also the basis of a rather complicated sequence of events in as far as tracks from this release reappear on a number of other Bonemachine releases in the same period, which makes the life of a collector so much more interesting....and expensive!

Around the same period Alex also issued:

  • the ultra-limited edition "Die Fleischmaschine" A4 release, in which 6 of the "Endzeit" tracks reappear together with 2 new cuts;
  • the "Soldat" CDr with 5 of the "Endzeit" tracks (including a different version of 'Heimatleid');
  • the "Veteran" two-track tape release, with one song from "Endzeit";
  • the "Audible War #1" split tape with Gruuthaggy, featuring 2 tracks from "Endzeit";
  • the "Audible War #2" split CDr (again with Gruuthaggy) with the 2 tracks from "Audible War #1" plus bonus from "Die Fleischmaschine"; and
  • the "Blutgrund" tape release, with 3 songs from the "Endzeit" album

Confused? You will be!

I'll cover all of the above releases separately in future Blog updates, but believe me....with war-based puns firmly's a collectors minefield out there.

"Endzeit" was described by the Hexenreich label as "War Industrial", which is the typical genre to which Bonemachine is pigeon-holed. The description is accurate though, but there is a mix of styles on this album which makes it a nicely varied listen without losing the thread of continuity. There are, in point of fact, two fairly 'commercial' melody-filled industrial dance tracks on this release ('Kriegerische Felder Aus Hass' and 'Eisensturm') whilst the majority of the remaining tracks fall into the 'almost impossible to define' category of industrial noise/martial rhythm. In that respect it makes atmospheric background music rather than instantly memorable 'classics' that you'll be humming in the bath. Mind you, it's not that sort of genre so if that's what you're looking for you're in the wrong Blog my friend!

Of interest is the fact that lyrics for third track 'Babiy Jar' were supplied by none other than Neon Asthet, who was of course a founder member of Elisabetha. It's a rather bizarre track, actually, with quite a lot going on and it took me the longest to get into of the whole album, but as they say good things come to those who wait. Whilst we're on the subject of interesting trivia, first track 'Heimatleid' was also the name of Alex's pre-Bonemachine band ("and not a lot of people know that") and with a bit of luck and some major help from underground guru Skogen of Chanteloup Records more of this project may be revealed in this Blog soon....

The release is now advertised as 'sold-out' on the Hexenreich website, but I noticed whilst researching this post that the odd one or two are advertised for sale here and there at various distros, so a quick Google search might well set you right. My copy (#11 of the 69) never came with the advertised sticker, mind you, so you better act quickly if you do intend to purchase one online as I might well be snapping at your heels for a complete version!

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