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Title: Der Rote Glanz Der Flammenfee (literally "The Red Brightness of the Fire-Fairy")
Format: CDr release on orange coloured disc (plain white non-playing side) by Beverina & W.A.R. (Latvia/Austria) in 2008, catalogue reference WAR045/BP051. Release came with a sticker advertising the band's MySpace address and email contact, plus an oversized postcard.
Edition: Limited edition of 150 unnumbered pieces

Track Listing:

01. Feuertraum I 1.58
02. Solaris 13.38
03. Geburt Eines Schwarzen Sternes 3.20
04. Zeit & Raum 5.11
05. In Jeder Glut Schlummert Ein Brand 5.17
06. Pulsar 3.25
07. Fackelschein In Einem Palast Aus Ewig Eis 4.12
08. Glut 6.06
09. Feuersbrunst Und Eiseskalte 7.19
10. Supernova 5.37
11. Feuertraum II 4.27
Bonus video
12. Zeit & Raum

It's been over a month (one month and three days in fact) since C.O.I. were last featured in Nazgul's ramblings so without more ado let us consider the debut full-length release from this neo-classical pop project, released in 2008 as a joint effort between Alex's own W.A.R. label and the Beverina label run by Juris Silders.

You'll recall from past posts the nature of the music that C.O.I. play, and it's demonstrated to a high standard on this particular release. You get the impression from the very limited pressing of only 150 copies that there was a thought in the back of their minds that this may not sell in great quantity but let Nazgul tell you this - if you see a copy you must grab it, and if you can't find one you must email Juris or Alex to demand a second pressing immediately!

It's simply a great CD to chill out with! It forms the first part of a four-album concept based around the elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth - hence the coloured disc and the 'fire' themed tracks running throughout the album. One might reasonably assume the following albums to be colour-coded accordingly too, and as a collection they'll look pretty cool.

Some while ago Nazgul reviewed the "Horproben 2007" demo CDr from C.O.I. that featured a couple of tracks that found their way onto this debut release (tracks 5 and 6). Musically the quality of work is similar to that promo CDr, and is immensely uplifting when played as accompaniment to doing important things, such as typing this Blog for example. There is a mixture of moods and impressions created on the album, from poppy and catchy short songs to more ambient and 'deep' longer tracks, and you'll be genuinely astonished at the range of emotions you can encounter through the simple medium of synthesised music . To paraphrase the hype to a recent cinema blockbuster, "'ll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sit and listen and damn well enjoy this!"

Very little is available online about this album, and I suspect a great number of people reading this will not have heard it or even heard of it. This is a great shame, and I urge you to try and track a copy down as I'm not certain it's sold-out yet (try as a starting point, as it's listed for sale at a mighty reasonable 8€ plus postage).

One review that I did find online at Kulturterrorismus talks up the release in equally high fashion, concluding:

"Those who especially [enjoy] noise and/or industry noise or gloomy sound-scapes on the ears should possibly give this release a miss, however should [your taste] be rooted in Ambient, Trip Hop, Chill Out, Drum And Bass, (future) trance and Goa, must this multi-layered gem is unconditionally excellent. Others who love avant-garde Neoklassik or ritual and/or occult Industrial should risk also giving it a listen"

All of which seems perfectly sensible to Nazgul -go forth and buy one today.

The second photo in this post shows a range of promotional material that I've collected for this release, including business-card sized flyers, postcards and posters (one of which you'll spot is signed if you click on the photo to expand it to a sensible size), plus magnets / calendar magnets and other cool stuff!

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