Friday, 5 June 2009

BONEMACHINE > original album artwork

Nazgul was greatly honoured recently when he received a packet from Alex including some pieces of the original sketched artwork for Bonemachine albums, hand drawn on A4 sheets. The 6 copies that I am now the proud owner of are shown in the top picture, and below are the albums that 4 of the illustrations correspond to.

Starting at the top left we have the illustration that became the cover of both the "Endzeit" CDr release and also the limited edition A4 "Das Fleischmaschine" pressing. The top middle picture became the cover of "Soldat" on Smell the Stench, and also on that label the top right cover is showing the picture that became the "Monolog & Rhythmus" release (green cover), also on STS. The picture in the middle of the bottom row was the original art on the cassette tape release "Blutgrund", whilst the other 2 pictures that flank it were designs that appear on the inner cover of the "Endzeit" CD inlay

Keen readers of this Blog will note that Nazgul has yet to post a review on any of the 5 releases identified above. This 'sneak preview' has therefore identified some future posts that await you...!

All of the art has been pencil sketched by Alex in a very loose 'primitive' style, which rather suits the nature of the Bonemachine releases from this period. Nazul is both delighted and thrilled to be the new custodian of this original artwork in his collection.

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