Saturday, 9 May 2009

W.A.R. Productions

What's this logo of, Nazgul (the masses cry)? It's of W.A.R. Productions
Why should I care? Because W.A.R. Productions, based out of W.A.R. Studios, is the entity through which Alex brings us much of his music
It's a rather cool design, Nazgul - who did it? Chris H. from Kunstgalerie did this splendid work (see for more)

And lo, Nazgul had the bright idea of shedding some light on the source of much of Alex's music - the fabled W.A.R. Studios - to enliven his Blog with some previously unknown information about this mythical location. Is it true, as dark rumours persist, that the walls at W.A.R. are lined with the heads of cute furry animals, and that a life-size effigy of Hugh Grant stands waiting to be regularly speared and axed with medieval weaponry as eternal penance for his atrocious films? Can there be any foundation to the myth that only Vikings and white-handed Uruk Hai may enter these hallowed portals of the damned?

Well, errrr, frankly who knows? Such rumours could yet have a basis of truth after all. But what Nazgul does know is shared with you below, in a revealing and unique-to-this-Blog exclusive interview with Alex himself:

Q1: Can you tell us how the W.A.R. came to exist - why did you decide to build your own studio?
A1: It was back in 1998 when I founded HROSSHARSGRANI, I decided to do some home recordings - that was the birth of W.A.R. Productions - in the beginning it was very, VERY simple: I only used a YAMAHA keyboard, and later I bought a FOSTEX 4 track recorder and a guitar (I still use both). In 2003 I started to use my computer for recordings too, now I wouldn't be without it :-)

Q2: How did W.A.R get its name, and where the studios?
A2: Wieser. Alex. Records. (W.A.R.) - no stranger than all of my other project names:-) The studio is in Linz, Austria.

Q3: How were you recording your material prior to W.A.R. existing?
A3: Originally, over the past 11 years, I liked to get my inspiration in nature - first a walk through a forest or something in that vein, trying to get the power to create some music. Back home in my flat, in my music room, I would start to transfer the inspiration I got from nature into melodies - in the beginning mostly a simple hypnotic keyboard melody. I have a small music room in my flat, which is essentially the "WAR Studio", but I wish to get a bigger one in a separate flat someday in the future too

If I was recording some Industrial stuff I wouldn't need nature for inspiration, just some strange ideas which would come to me mostly at night after I woke up from sleep. I'd write it down and the morning after I would try to do something with this idea - or maybe not, depending on my mood.

Q4: Where else did you record in back in the early days?
A4: Some HROSSHARSGRANI and BONEMACHINE recordings where recorded at the CCP Studio, also in Linz.

Q5. What equipment did your studio originally have?
A5: I had a FOSTEX Recorder, KORG F/X board, Hohner Guitar, BC Rich Bass Guitar, YAMAHA Keyboard, Kambal Djembes, Teak Didgeridoo, Bamboo Didgeridoo, some different ethnic instruments, and a "no name" acoustic guitar. For the PC: Cubase, Musicmaker, Fruitloops, Evolution, Pure Mayhem, amongst others.

Q6. How has it changed now (to 2009) - what equipment have you added, and what now do you use to record & produce your music?
A6: I still use all the stuff I have owned since the beginning, but mostly I work on PC only nowadays - especially for Ambient music where it works brilliantly in my opinion! The newest addition to the Studio is my new Teak Didgeridoo, but I´m just start to learn it. You can listen to short soundscapes in some recent WACH tracks:-)

Q7. If money was no object, how would you change W.A.R. Studios now?
A7: I would buy the CCP Studio, its really awesome - take a look at (Link: Studio) hehehe. But honestly I don't know, I like the way I do music, maybe if I had the money for it I would buy a bigger room for my studio, some good wires, speakers, etc.

Q8. What other bands have used the Studios over the years?
A8: Only my own projects, and a young Heavy band called OUT OF EXPERIENCE. I have done the master for a SVARROGH track here too, and I have created tons of CD's, tapes, artwork and design for lots of different bands here at W.A.R. too...

Q9. Finally, Alex, what three words would you use to sum up the atmosphere or ethos of recording at W.A.R.?
A9: Volksmusik aus Österreich :-))

So there we are, readers of these periodical tribute pages. The origins and present day nature of W.A.R. Studios for your edification. Should any old and secret photographs of the inside of this domain ever come into Nazgul's possession, be sure that a sequel will follow....

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