Wednesday, 27 May 2009

WACH > promotional material

Band: WACH
Item description: promotional material
Items displayed: A range of flyers for the "Firedance on a Dead Mans Grave" release, plus a WACH badge (top left) and signed cover art print for the forthcoming "Nordwand" release.

In building up a collection of items associated with A.W.'s many bands and projects it was inevitable that Nazgul should also have build up a collection of promotional material and merchandise for the many outlets of Alex's imagination.

As such, I've a pretty substantial collection of t-shirts, record label flyers, privately photocopied publicity material, badges, mugs, business-cards, hats (!) and magnets publicising a variety of Alex's bands. Some are particularly associated with specific releases, and may in the main be included on future postings for those albums, where space allows. Alternatively, Nazgul may just pop in the odd post once in a while of alternative items to spruce up the Blog and break up the CD/CDr/cassette cycle before it becomes too stale!

These promo items (click on the photo to expand to a decent size) were printed for the most-part by the Beverina & WAR label to advertise the "Firedance on a Dead Man's Grave" release by WACH (see past Blog for commentary) and reflect the album art and chilling nature of the release in a number of different size formats. Also present in this group - and rather nice too, I really ought to have this framed - is an art print for the yet-to-be released "Nordwand" release, which has been signed by erstwhile graphic designer Chris Huber, who should be familiar to regular readers of this Blog for his artwork on Alex releases over the years.

Nazgul is always interested in purchasing your items of memorabilia for any of Alex's projects, whether you are a private individual such as I am or a record company swamped with material destined for the recycling bin. After all, HonourAndDarkness is practically becoming a virtual online museum for the works of Hugin and as such history needs you, intrepid reader, to play your part....

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