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Band: Compilation featuring both BONEMACHINE and URUK HAI
Title: Silent Fears
Format: Two limited edition triple-CDr formats, released on the Theremin Noise Club label (Austria) in 2006, catalogue reference TNC040. Track listing on both versions is the same (photo shows 'Ultra Limited Collectors Edition' at the bottom).
Edition: 3 disc set with poster-booklet in 'fat-box' format limited to 111 hand-numbered copies. Ultra Limited Collectors Edition comes in a handmade 3-disc 'Digifile' with extras including poster-booklet, a logo badge and unique film strip, limited to 33 hand-numbered pieces only.

Track Listing:
Disc 1
01 Aetherfront – Ginnungagap

02 The Sounds of Earth – Struggle For Control
03 Persona – Dolor Irreversible
04 Moon – The Snow Is Falling On A Distant Planet
05 Rauschform – Reality Torn Apart
06 Radiator Blues – Momentary (the wind, worms, the wood)
Disc 2
01 Tardive Dyskinesia – Murdering Spirits

02 Kadaver – The Moon Bares Teeth (Part 3)
03 Matamore – Senior Bartel
04 Flutwacht/Vronthor – LSD Soldier
05 N. Strahl N. - Krebsnebel
06 Bonemachine – Heimkehrer
Disc 3
01 Uruk-Hai – Keeper of Nenya
02 Angel’s Flesh – Sous-sol
03 Chaoticum – Thelemachus Unveiled
04 Hexathurz – Breed of a Ritual
05 Souls of Nephilims – Forbidden
06 Life’s Decay – Sphere
07 H5N1 – Organic Spread Defiance-DC2
08 Likantropika – Quatermass
09 A Quiet Womb – For Those Who Cannot Relax

One of the drawbacks in collecting Alex's work is that the number of different projects he is involved with leads to a shocking proliferation of tracks that only appear on certain compilations or limited edition release, to the point that even the most ardent collector can have trouble keeping up!

This well presented release - courtesy of the Theremin Noise Club, with all photos and artwork from our old friend Chris H (who, you will recall, designed the W.A.R. Productions logo as detailed in a recent Blog entry) - is one such collection. It features 2 tracks of particular interest to Huginophiles everywhere: the Uruk Hai song 'Keeper Of Nenya' which appeared here in advance of its full release as part of the band's 'Lothlorien' album, and 'Heimkehrer' from Bonemachine, unique to this compilation.

Chance dictated that Nazgul had an opportunity to purchase both of the limited edition formats for this release (even though the track listings are identical), so I am the proud owner of #4 of 33 in the ultra-limited hand-made edition and #56 of 111 in the slightly-more-common-but-still-limited-edition fat-box set!

A particularly good review of the whole of this set appears at the Heathen Harvest web-pages, from which I've pinched the section quoted below as it gives a pretty good flavour of the 2 principal tracks of interest:

"N. Strahl N. and Bonemachine do a lot to rescue the [second] disc though. N. Strahl N.’s 'Krebsnebel' is a really affecting slow rumbler of a track. Lots of shifting sound that strikes a balance between being too over-stimulating for an ambient track and being a repetitive listen. Bonemachine’s piece really stands out at the close of this disc. It’s has rhythm and ambiance and reminds me of one of the Deutsch Nepal tracks but the title slips my mind. Being a shorter track it carries more punch and keeps me engaged all the way through.

The final disc really picks up, right from the start. Uruk-Hai present the shortest piece on this compilation but it is one of the best. 'Keeper of Nenya' creates dreamlike mental images of dashing through Northern forests in enchanted kingdoms."

Well, Nazgul himself couldn't express it any better than that.

A very interesting compilation throughout, in fact. Many of the bands are known to me either through split releases with Bonemachine (step forward N. Strahl N. and Flutwacht) or as bands that I have an interest in anyway (The Sounds Of Earth) and there is much to enjoy listening to this collection. As you might expect the ultra-limited edition is long sold-out, but Theremin Noise Club are still advertising the other set for sale (http://www.thereminnoiseclub.net.te/) so there is hope yet should you wish to own another unique Bonemachine compilation track!

One day there will surely have to be a CDr collection of all such compilation tracks issued, for the poor old collectors like Nazgul who can't keep up with the pace of such limited edition.....!

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