Friday, 8 May 2009


Band: URUK HAI ... or is it...?!
Title: Schall Und Rauch / Infernal Winter 666
Format: Split 7" vinyl single with Grimthorn (Austria) on CCP Records (Austria), 2001, catalogue reference 100225-1
Edition: Limited to 333 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:

Uruk Hai
1. Schall Und Rauch 07:21
2. Infernal Winter 666 06:03

You may recall Nazgul's earlier Blog on the 7th April in respect of the Bonemachine release "Schwarzes Jerusalem" in which an analysis of the track "Schall Und Rauch" was given. If not, the pearls of wisdom on that particular occasion read:

"For me the highlight of the whole album are the three remaining tracks, which - with the right record company support - could lead to a couple of cracking single releases. "Schall und Rauch" kicks off with a short piece of big-band radio show music before morphing into a time-based motif (lots of ticking clocks, pseudo Floyd stuff) and orchestral build-up before...BLAAM! We're in the midst of a Bonemachine track with lyrics! And not just any old track, but a well-constructed and downright catchy one, with deep spoken word German vocals adding a sense of drama and menace to the overall song. Some really clever complementary samples in this one too, including haunting synths and female vocals that emphasise the chorus very nicely."

And lo, Nazgul remains of this opinion as - so it would seem - did CCP Records in Austria who decided this track merited release as a 7" vinyl single in 2001. Good for them - just a shame that the logos on the vinyl and the sleeve clearly credit this to Uruk Hai !

Confused, Nazgul asked Alex for his view, to which the short explanation was pretty succinct - "yes - it was a mistake - it's BONEMACHINE not URUK-HAI"

Well, printing cock-up or not, this is still a bloody good song and to be honest, were Nazgul to sweep the 100m+ Euro Millions lottery this weekend, a free copy on CDr would be posted through the letterbox of everyone in Europe just to hammer the point home. Given a wider distribution than 333 copies, this surely would gain some commercial success and media acclaim.....but then, when has life ever been fair and just?

A hard single to track down now with such a limited run having been made, I wish you good luck should you be trying to find it for your own collection. Of course, you could take a short cut and email Leigh at Smell The Stench records to purchase a copy of "Schwarzes Jerusalem" CDr instead and save yourself a lot of hard work - although where's the fun in that.....?!

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