Friday, 1 May 2009


Title: Rei Rea / Bonemachine (untitled split CDr)
Format: CDr release in card-sleeve format with inner wallet (different image on reverse side for Rei Rea tracks), released in 2007 on the Crater Records label (Canada), catalogue reference CTR02.
Edition: Believed to be limited to only 70 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:
1 Rei Rea Ulcer Vile
2 Rei Rea Degrees Of Guilt
3 Rei Rea Onward
4 Rei Rea Silent Hunters
5 Rei Rea Sunken Part.1
6 Bonemachine Feindschlag 3:01
7 Bonemachine Military Desaster 10:55
8 Bonemachine Coldashell 3:00
9 Bonemachine Hölle:Modern 3:25

April was a rather busy month for poor old Nazgul, with little time to bring this Blog up to date with any regularity. May also could prove to be hectic, but as I've a little time this afternoon to get my house in order this is the third post today, and already accounts for one third of the total volume of postings achieved in the whole of the preceding month!

Falling very much into the 'industrial noise' category of Bonemachine work, this split CDr with Canadian band Rei Rea is yet again a very limited release targetted at hardcore fans rather than aspiring to break into commericial territories. I'd not heard of Rei Rea before this release, but I understand from their web page that the band

"...was born from city landscapes and the morning and the evening public transport need[ing] a gray repetitive soundtrack to move along with his weekly travels. REI REA is based on a wordless passive observation."
So now you know as much as Nazgul.

The label itself describes this release as a "split-CDR of Canadian dark industrial and Austrian dark ambient/industrial projects" and that's a pretty fair summary.

It's very hard to attempt a description of industrial ambient music - you'll end up with some ridiculous analogies if you're not careful, comparing tracks such as 'Feindschlag' being akin to someone whistling in the back office of an angle-grinding business, or 'Coldashell' being acoustically reminiscent to the sound of a few stormtroopers from Star Wars incessantly firing off their lasers inside a vast oil drum.

Doesn't really inspire you to go out and purchase this, does it?! And therein is the problem - you either understand the nature of this genre, or you recoil at any logical attempt to describe it. Interestingly, the 'Military Desaster' track - previously reviewed in an early Blog Nazgul posted on Bonemachine's "Bombardements" release - is a much more rounded and lengthy track than the counterparts on this split release.

I imagine a timely email to the Crater Records web page might well identify whether there are remaining stocks of this CDr for sale, and for fans of the genre it might well prove to be a worthy addition to your collection.

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