Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Title: Post-Nuke Pop
Format: Stickered 1 track CDr release in 'credit card' style format, with 2 picture magnets (the one of Alex called 'Back From Chaos' according to the band's MySpace pages), all in plastic wallet 'triptych' design. A release on the W.A.R. label (no catalogue reference) from 2008 [tbc]
Edition: Limited to only 25 unnumbered copies

Track Listing:

01. Post-Nuke Pop

Falling into the 'new' B-Machina' era that followed the re-naming of Bonemachine (designated by the 'new' style logo red sticker on the disc), this 5 minute plus track has some typically individualistic packaging from the W.A.R. label - Nazgul certainly has not seen a 'triptych' style release very often before, the last being the superb creation of Sombre Presage, but I digress - and I'm honoured to say that my copy has been signed and dedicated on the middle panel by Alex.

Only 25 of these were made, and although for a while a few cropped up on eBay (and also http://www.discogs.com/, another good source of obscure A.W. product!) I've not seen one for sale for quite some time, so given the limited numbers produced I suspect they've all found good homes in collections around the globe now.

So, what do you get musically on this effort? Well, it's a release very much in the industrial-style from B-Machina (and, indeed the new era band describes itself on MySpace in the context of "Max became a new member of B-MACHINA, [so] expect great mediaeval folk guitar songs mixed with cold Post Nuke Industrial from now") and somewhat hard to put into words. There are two distinct sections to the piece - the first lasting perhaps the first 3:18 minutes or so, and bringing to mind the inner workings of a vast machine, buzzing and crackling with electricity (or perhaps light irradiated following nuclear attack...), whilst the second part is less harsh and discordant, being more reminiscent of an office in which anonymous equipment is plagued by static in the post-holocaust environment.....

Let the nuclear winter begin....

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