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Title: Mystified Versus Bonemchaine
Format: CDr release on W.A.R. (Austria) from 2007. Copies came in a handmade felt bag (wired closed) with a hand-painted CDr inside a round metal tin. The piece also included a triangular-shaped inlay with the edition number and track details, plus a red tag (wired to the bag) with album name and edition number.
Edition: only 19 hand-numbered copies were produced

Track Listing:

1. Continuous 2.54
2. Incedental 2 4.19
3. DTrail 4.51
4. The Smallest Sea 5.00
5. Thumpalogue 5.08
6. Milkfield 4.56
7. Incidental 5b 4.36
8. Iron Age (recorded live in the W.A.R. studio) 2.16
9. Nuke 'Em 12.47
10. After The War 6.49

An intriguing split CDr release between our industrial favourites Bonemachine and prolific outfit Mystified, described at http://www.mystifiedmusic.com/ as follows:

"Mystified is an experienced multi-genre band that is more precisely the brainchild of Thomas Park. Mystified has been actively recording since 2003. The truth about the music of Mystified is that it is very diverse, and has spanned musics such as ambient, industrial, phonography, drone, and noise, among others. Mystified is for listeners with an ear for the experimental, and often dark or minimal"

Once again Nazgul is turning his ear solely to the Bonemachine tracks, although the entertainment factor within the Mystified music is not to be overlooked, and if you have a liking for this genre you will surely have come across the band's output elsewhere before.

The three compositions in question are, without doubt, falling strongly into the industrial/machine noise area of Bonemachine output and, as usual with that side of things, is rather difficult to put into words in any meaningful way. Track 8 'Iron Age' is, however, a surprisingly subdued song and more in keeping with the exploratory nature of early man's fascination with metal-working than the loud, raucous noise-fest you might have imagined it to be.

'Nuke 'Em' is, on the other hand, a classic post-apocalyptic barrage of sound an will give any half-fertile imagination plenty to ponder as you take yourself on imaginary forays into a barren nuclear winter where your once green and pleasant land stood. Some disturbing sounds and noises punctuate the piece, making it the least likely song for easy listening you could imagine.

Final track 'After The War' is again on similar lines, varied and dynamic, and a fitting end to the album.

This was a limited edition of only 19 copies (this is #12) and from what I see online at Club Debil (the German review site) the hand-painted nature of the CDr is the same between sets, as their copy (#4) and mine bear the same design. It's a well thought out bit of packaging though - the wire-framed 'bag' to house the items is unusual, and the triangular inlay is novel too, although prone to bend on the corners!

I'm not sure whether this release is sold-out or not yet: one might suppose so given the low edition, but it might be worth dropping Thomas a line via his Mystified site (which is well worth a visit anyway) as it's not shown as unavailable on his text discography. Who knows, you might snare the last copy....

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