Thursday, 21 May 2009


Title: Ich Tauche Tiefer (literally "I Dive Deep")
Format: Internet-only CD single, available as a free download from the band's MySpace website since 2007, and also as free download #211 from
Edition: Unlimited - free download

Track Listing:
01. Ich Tauche Tiefer 04.13

It takes courage to be an artist in the public eye - putting on show your innermost thoughts and feelings to the all too often critical gaze of media and general scrutiny. It also takes balls the size of coconuts to front up your debut free download single for your new neo-classical dance project clad in a pair of leather shorts on the equally free-to-download inlay! Alex, however, shirks from no challenge and in a fitting (and rather tight fitting too it has been noted) homage to 80's club fashion so Ceremony of Innocence came into the glare of the spotlight for the first time.

And what of the track in question? Well, a great deal of the informed internet chatter refers to this single as "a song in the classical NDW style of early eighties." In this context, NDW refers to the Neue Deutsche Welle ('New German Wave') which was mostly an underground movement with roots in British punk and New Wave music; it quickly developed into an original and distinct style, influenced in no small part by the different sound and rhythm of the German language.

Now, not being an expert of this period of music Nazgul is not in much of a position to comment, but even I can notice similarities in some of the keyboard 'washes' to those employed in early Ultravox albums, and the drum machine beat is typically 80s club style in nature.

It's a single song, and at the time must have been a bold departure for a man known predominately for metal in the black/viking/ambient style. But then, creativity comes in many forms and if the muse strikes you, why not indulge it? I'm sure there's nothing worse than being pigeon-holed as an artist after all. And after all, anyone who willingly wears those shorts for a photo session has to earn your respect for audacity, if nothing else!

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