Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Title: Heidensturm
Format: Cassette tape-only release on the Werwolf Productions label (Italy), cat ref WP015, released in 2004.
Edition: Hand-numbered edition of only 50 pieces

Track Listing:

01. Heidensturm
02. Zwei Raben
03. Hermodr A Helferd

In a recent Elisabetha blog I mentioned that the "Renfield" CDr had so little internet presence it was practically the lost cousin of the rest of that band's output. On that note, welcome to "Heidensturm" which, on a comparative basis, must be the long-lost distant cousin three-times removed, believed dead and long forgotten about. In all honesty, take a look online and see how many other references to this release you can find. Practically nothing, and even http://www.metalarchives.com/ fails to list it in the Hrefnesholt discography.

What we have on offer here are three tracks in the ambient pagan style that defines the Hrefnesholt style - dreamy synths, no vocals, some almost hypnotic repetitive rhythms and a general sense of unworldliness. There is the long (very long at over 25 minutes) title track 'Heidensturm' (literally 'Heathen Storm'), a short piece called 'Zwei Raben' ('Two Ravens') and then a cover version of the Burzum track 'Hermodr a Helferd', also a short piece.

Limited to only 50 copies (mine being #15), this release bears a dedication to 'Abibial 666', one of the founders of the Werwolf label I think. It's always a slightly strange feeling to be in possession of what has to count as a pretty rare release such as this - consider, only another 49 copies exist (some of which presumably lie with Alex and his close friends, plus the odd one with Werwolf themselves), meaning that around the globe there are probably only 30-odd other tapes in collections elsewhere (not allowing for any lost, damaged or - god forbid - thrown away in years past).

Should you ever come across one, then I'd advise you to break out the wallet and part with the money to lay your hands on such a collectible piece as this.

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